A Story About Anybody

A Story About Anybody

By: @Korby4Health

A person named Anybody had wandered off the path and was lost. They fell into a hole whose floor was like quicksand and they started to slowly sink down. They did nothing for a long time, even though they knew there were other people walking around the hole that seemed fine and not falling in.

When Anybody finally cried out, their voice was too weak to be heard. Anybody felt invisible and that their situation was hopeless.

Eventually, a family member walking close by did hear their whisper of a voice. They reached down and extended a helping hand, but Anybody was too afraid to reach back and take their hand.

As Anybody sunk deeper, a good friend of theirs walked by, saw the family member standing there, and that Anybody had fallen into the hole, so they ran and got a ladder, they fed it down into the hole, Anybody reached for it, but it was not long enough to make it to the bottom of the hole.

A person Anybody sees at the bus stop, that they knew a little, walked by, saw the others standing around the hole looking at Anybody, they ran and got a rope, tied it off and threw it down the hole, Anybody tried to climb, but their hands kept slipping off.

As there was nothing they could do, those standing around the hole decided to leave for a while. Anybody continued to sink even deeper and they were gripped with the feelings of despair, loneliness, and fear that no one really cared anymore.  They were so unhappy and thought they would be lost forever, stuck in that hole, and die there.

Although their spirit was broken, Anybody managed to survive. Eventually a stranger saw their desperate situation and immediately jumped down into the hole with Anybody! Anybody cried out and said why did you do that? Nobody cares about me, and now you are stuck in here with me forever. The stranger said don’t worry, I have fallen down this hole before……and I know the way out. However, I can only show you the way I took, ultimately you will have to find your own way. So, take my hand and let me show you where to look. Anybody took their hand, followed their guidance, and eventually got themselves out of the hole. Kindness, compassion, understanding and love, is the light out of the Darkness.

Thank you @Korby4Health for the great story! 🙂

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