Anything Worth Holding On To | Betrayal Trauma Recovery

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An artist’s personal journey of fighting through Betrayal Trauma due to her husband’s pornography addiction and emotional abuse. She found hope and healing through a community of strong and loving women who have been through the same trauma. Betrayal Trauma Recovery was there for her when no one else was, to help give words to her pain and emotions, to be understanding and informative, and ultimately to find support and healing from the traumatic years with a porn addict and the emotional abuse she experienced.

If you can relate to the trauma or betrayal, you’re not crazy. You’re not overreacting.

Our clients report that before coming to BTR, they went to several different therapists and spent an average of 6 sessions trying to explain the situation. And the therapist never really “got it” and gave poor advice.

Why? Because they don’t understand this type of abuse and encourage victims to improve communication, intimacy or attachment – which doesn’t work. Our coaches “get it” the first time – REALLY! And they know how to help you get to safety.

Face the lies, porn use, infidelity, emotional abuse, narcissism with support & confidence at

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