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What kind of articles are we looking for at

We get more submissions for blog posts than we can accept. To have your blog post accepted, keep the following in mind:

READ THE BLOG – Have an idea of the content that we develop as well as previously accepted user submissions.

WRITE FOR OUR READERS – Keep in mind your audience and address what they are interested in reading about.  There are so many crazy stories and while we do learn and have ah-ha moments when we read someone else’s story they can trigger people. The story if possible should have lessons learned.

HAVE The MAIN MESSAGE AND DON’T GET LOST IN THE DETAILS – Ramblings and run-on sentences are very unlikely to be accepted. We are much more likely to post high quality, appropriately concise content. Proper grammar and punctuation will be required, we do not have a team of editors.
WE LIKE STORIES – Personal information, as appropriate, is appreciated. We will not accept articles that use someone’s (your narcissist) real name.  Please make a note at the bottom of your article stating that the names are not real.

BE THOUGHTFUL WHEN INCLUDING LINKS – > Posts with too many links will look like spam and will likely be edited or rejected.

DO NOT SELF-PROMOTE – AUTHORS – THERAPISTS – BUSINESSES –  we want to lead people to great resources, but we will not accept self-promoting articles. No links to your services will be accepted.  We will post your name and a link back to your website if provided and relevant to our audience. If you are a survivor sharing a story and do not want a link or name, we will publish stating survivor story.

SOURCES – Give credit where credit is due. Check your facts and quotations. Cite your sources. Feel free to include credit to sources.

IMAGES – We will add our own licensed images to your article. Please do not send us images.

NOTIFICATION OF PUBLISH – We are too small to go back and notify you of your article publishing date. Our goal is to publish much more in 2019 that said it could be a few weeks till the article gets published, please check back.

How do I submit a post to

Please submit your full draft in Word Doc (preferred) format, articles submitted without all of your information will not be accepted. This information does not need to be published we are just covering our butts against a lawsuit from a narcissist.
We will review your article and send you a reply that we have accepted your article.

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