How to Co Parent With a Narcissist – Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

It is so hard to co-parent with a narcissist because narcissists don’t play fair. They don’t like losing and the will do anything to win. Often they fight for things not because they want them but because you do, Dr Rhoberta Shaler is an expert in the field with 16 books to her name and […]

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How to get rid of the crazy people in your life – Ash Brown

Ash Brown is a gifted American producer, blogger, speaker, media personality and event emcee. The blog on showcases exclusive event invites, product reviews and so much more. Her motivational podcast “Ash Said It Daily” is available on major media platforms such as iTunes, iHeart Radio & Google Play. She uses these mediums to motivate […]

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The duel life of abuse work/home with Dr. Kate Dow

How do we hide the abuse at home when we go off to work? How do we live that duel life – it isn’t easy. Today I bought Dr. Kate Dow a survivor herself to teach us some strategies to help us cope. Having gone through this myself, I am never judgmental or impatient. I […]

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How I survived workplace bullying | Sherry Benson-Podolchuk

What happens when you’re on the bullying end or an organization meant to protect people? Who do you go to for help? Sherry is a retired RCMP officer of 20 years. She has a degree in conflict resolution studies, which alongside of her personal experience with bullying in the workplace, has helped her to learn […]

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Domestic Violence: I choose to be her voice | Haylee Reay

In this moving talk, TEDxCheyenne Speaker Haylee Reay, describes how in a single day her life was brutally, and irrevocably, changed. Learn more about the seeping savagery of silence, and how you can save others by simply breaking it. Haylee Reay is an advocate for domestic violence awareness. She was born to two parents – […]

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Living through crazy love | Leslie Morgan Steiner | TEDxRainier

Learn and consider the secrets of domestic violence as you follow Leslie from the Ivy League through a violent relationship, reaching the power to break the secrecy and silence, and as she recovers a healthy future. Leslie Morgan Steiner’s memoir about surviving domestic violence, Crazy Love, was a New York Times bestseller, People Pick, and […]

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