Please take a minute and sign this Petition on Change.Org to criminalize Emotional and Psychological Abuse in America.

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Parental Alienation is something so unbelievably horrible, it is stranger than fiction.  Only those that have gone through or are going through this terror realize the impact on their lives and lifelong destruction Parental Alienation causes to the children and the targeted parent.  Generally, this happens during the divorce proceedings. However, there are those that have endured this type of abuse while the marriage was still intact and then the abuse would escalate once the targeted parent announced that they have had enough and want out of the marriage. That is when a full assault with no mercy is deployed on the targeted parent.. Can anyone even imagine their loved and loving child/children turning on you with hate, anger, and rage, and untrue accusations which they have been mind controlled to believe?  This is terroristic abuse against the nurturing parent who feels helpless to saved her abused mind manipulated child.

Please sign this Petition so the  American Psychological Association and Congress will do the right thing and recognize this type of abuse for what it is.

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