Combating Romance Scams – Interview with Joyce M Short

Romance scams are a crime epidemic! Millions of people suffer from this cruelty each year! Joyce Short has written a book empowering victims to stand up and help change the laws in their state.

Joyce says; It can happen when you meet a person at the water cooler at your job, while you walk your dog in the park, while working out at the gym, or countless other ways, And it can happen on the internet where a total stranger can reach out to you, right in the privacy of your desktop! You don’t have to be gullible or naive to be deceived.

Once a victim of a romance scam, I’ve studied this issue and analyzed what the legal establishment is overlooking in penal code that makes “lying to get laid” a crime. You’ll be shocked to know what that is! I invite you to become an important part of the effort to stop this defiling crime wave and demand integrity in romance.

Interview with Joyce Short a brilliant author of two books on Combating Romance Scams. Her new book launches November 1st
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Joyce M. Short
Twitter: @jm_short


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