Delaney Kay & Tracy Malone Collaborate and Share Similar Patterns

Week two of my ‘meet the expert series’ of interviews. What fun it was to interview Delaney Kay, many of you have seen her videos on YouTube as ‘Daylight out of Darkness’ what a cool lady!!

Delaney Kay hosts a popular YouTube channel “Daylight out of Darkness”, and is a certified life coach. She has devoted her time to research and helping thousands of people understand and heal from emotional damage as a result of dysfunctional families and narcissistic abuse. Not only does she understand the traits and behaviors of such families and individuals in detail, but she has gone to great lengths to find ways to heal the brain and psyche from these, often times hidden but crippling, forms of emotional abuse.
“You can change your life.”

Delaney has made it her mission to help as many people as possible reconnect with their authentic selves, and start living the happy, fulfilling lives they were always meant to. She believes there are many people out there suffering greatly who have no idea why their lives are such a mess; and sadly, some of them will never find out what the real reasons are, why they are suffering so much, or how to heal themselves.

Thank you Delaney!!



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