Did You Know You Were With A Narcissist? Psychotherapist Babita Spinelli Tells Us We Are Not Alone

What to do when clients are in Psychotherapy and describe dynamics in their relationship but are not aware they are with a narcissist. Through the work, this is uncovered and creates a huge awareness for them and understanding about the who what whys of their struggles. visit Babita’s website to learn how to reach her https://openingthedoorspsychotherapy…. Offices: NJ & NYC What Is It like – Therapy with Babita? When you walk through the doors for your session, I hope you will find that this is where you can let your guard down. Want to sit or lie down? Put your feet up? Lean forward or lean back. You can choose! Bring your coffee or that lunch or snack you couldn’t eat at work or home because it was too busy… and begin the journey to express or process whatever it is that brought you to what I describe as a sanctuary from your day-to-day world.


Did you know you were with a narcissist? -Psychotherapist Babita Spinelli tells us we are not alone

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