Divorce to a narcissist is a game. The primary goal is to win, the win for them is for you to lose financially, emotionally, socially and in everything to do with your parenting time.

To win at this game they must first rewrite history making themselves into the hero and the victim of the marriage story. A massive conspiracy theory will be executed for the years of abuse at the hands of you, the bipolar, alcoholic, cheating, thief, child abuser. From the false allegations to hiding assets, stonewalling the courts and the heartless behaviors you will witness in the coming months or year will leave your head spinning. There will be many questions, many confusing days because the person you are divorcing is no longer the person you married. The battle wounds cut deep as the legal bills go up and you search for answers.

No matter where you are in the divorce process you need to put on your learning hat and prepare because each stage of the game brings new obstacles. Coaching with someone that understands the crazy things that are happening can offer validation, a compassionate ear, education on what the tactics that are being pulled on you, and strategies to cope with each new attack sequence.

I have gathered resources to guide you on this journey from legal experts like Rebecca Zung to therapists that offer courses on Donna Anderson’s website LoveFraud. If you stay up late at night trying to learn how to help your kids as they are ordered to go spend time with their narcissistic parent home – we have a course on that,  If you struggle that your ex is trying to turn the kids against you, we have a course on that. These low-cost courses are given by experts to give you the answers you need.

Lower on this page I built resources to help you find what the parenting guidelines are for your state, don’t wait for your lawyer to educate you (they don’t) know your rights. If you can’t afford a lawyer we have gathered State by State legal resources to see what type of help you can get. Does it matter if your ex cheated? Read the state guidelines to see if your state is a no-fault state. Find support through this time so you can learn you are not crazy – it really is them.


Let Me Be Your Guide

I am Tracy A. Malone, an international narcissistic abuse divorce coach. As the author of a best-selling book on divorcing your narcissist, I know how to guide you. I understand your fears and concerns as well as the tactics and strategies narcissists generally use and how to counter punch.

I’ll help you find the strength and emotional resilience to overcome this tough time.

I can help you choose a skilled attorney familiar with navigating narcissistic dynamics.

You’ll have a partner to help you navigate the complex paperwork and legal processes.

You’ll discover how to manage negative divorce communication without being triggered and develop effective strategies for communication.

I’ll save you money as I educate you about your rights, guaranteeing you are fighting for a fair and just settlement.

Knowing which compelling evidence is crucial for the courts to recognize and emphasize narcissistic behavior.

I’ll provide you with strategies to deflect manipulative attacks, false accusations, and character assassinations from the narcissist.

You’ll receive emotional support, tools, and guidance to help you prepare for the challenges and uncertainties of divorce.

Surthriver Divorce Membership

Divorcing a narcissist can feel like an overwhelming challenge, perhaps the toughest you’ve ever faced. The uncertainties ahead can leave you feeling lost and in need of guidance. Many find themselves isolated and helpless as the narcissist undermines their support system entirely.

My goal is to empower you with the strength and clarity needed to navigate this divorce journey with grace and maximum protection. I’ll be your virtual companion, holding your hand every step of the way.

You don’t have to do this alone, together, we’ll tackle this process as partners.

What is included:

3-50-minute Monthly One-On-One Coaching sessions (value $1110)

60-minute Monthly Saturday Morning Group Coaching Zoom Call (2 months access)  (value $370)

Learn How to Set Better Boundaries Course  (value $99)

Learn The Magic Of Reframing And The Danger Of Your Story – “Change The Story” Course (value $99)

Learn How to Prepare To Get Away: Our Leaving Plan (value $99)

Divorcing Your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! 300-page book – Electronic Version  (value $20)

Choosing the Right Lawyer: Essential Questions eBook (value $500)

Safeguard Against Post-Divorce Financial Abuse with My ‘What If They Don’t’ Clause” (value $1000)

Package Value $ 3297

Your Cost $597 per month

(2-month Membership commitment $1,194 – Payment plan available)

Reclaim Your Power

Standalone small coaching packages are also available.

Gratitude Praise For My Work

“During my divorce, I felt like I was falling apart. It was like my ex was trying to tear me down completely. I felt so lost and alone, with no one to turn to for understanding. But then, I found you, and your wisdom and guidance became my lifeline. You saved me so much money by being my person vs overusing the lawyer.  You’re a true blessing in my life, a gift from above. Your wisdom and compassion will always stay with me. Thank you for everything. ~ surTHRIVER ~”

“After over 20 years of marriage, I never thought I’d have to face these challenges. My lawyer didn’t grasp the situation, and my friends’ advice didn’t quite fit. Tracy, you changed everything for me. You empowered me with knowledge about my rights and what I deserved. Learning to control my emotions gave me the strength to stand my ground. Now, I feel like a worthy opponent. Thank you for changing my life. ~ surTHRIVER ~”