Exercises to Heal

Narcissist abuse can leave a victim feeling downright miserable, but even if it feels like the end of the world, remember it is only temporary and you too can heal. Here are some exercises you can practice to help with the healing process.

Be Kind to Yourself

Our upbringing, our culture, religion, genetics, level of education, gender/sexuality, and life experiences and many other factors contribute to make us who we are today. Everyone has bad days. Treat yourself properly. Encourage yourself rather than criticizing or using put downs. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend in a similar situation.


Exercise has been shown to lift our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, has in improvement on physical health, and gives us more energy. Get outside! Find an activity you enjoy doing and just do it!

Have Fun and be Creative!

We all feel better when we cut loose and have a little fun. Being creative also helps us feel better and can help to boost your confidence again. Enjoy yourself!

Take up a New Hobby or Skill

New hobbies and skills can aid in boosting your confidence, interest in the world, help you meet others and prepare you for finding work in the future. A win-win situation.

Help Other People

You’re not the only one struggling, you’ll amaze yourself with how many people have relatable stories and experiences. Be conscious of those around you, perhaps join a community project, charity work, or keep it local and help your friends/family. On top of benefiting others, you’ll be doing something worthwhile which is going to help you feel better about yourself and your situation.


Seriously! Make some time for yourself and try to unwind. Find something that suits you – different things work for different people. Just breathe…

Eat Healthier

Eat regularly, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fruit and vegetables, drink water, watch your portions. You know this stuff, now do it. Your body and mind will thank you.

Balance Sleep

Get into a healthy sleep routine. Too much and too little sleep can exacerbate the bad feelings and make your funk last longer.

Connect with others!

Stay or get in touch with your family and friends. Seek support, but also be there to provide good company and perhaps even your own support. You’d be surprised how much advice your willing to give others that you would never think to give yourself. Listen!

Beware Drink and Drugs

Avoid using alcohol (or non-prescribed drugs) to help you cope – it will only add to your problems.

See the Big Picture

We all give different meanings to our situations and see things from our own point of view. Broaden your perspective and consider the bigger picture.

What meaning am I giving this situation? Is this meaning fact or an opinion? How would others see it? Is there another way of looking at this? How important is it, or will it be important in a year’s time? What can you do right now that will help to remedy the problem?


This “Is what it is” and no amount of hopeful thinking will wish this away. We tend to fight against distressing thoughts and feelings only making the struggle that much more difficult. But, we can learn to just notice them and not struggle against them.

Some situation we just can’t change. We can learn to surf those waves rather than trying to stop them. Allow those thoughts and sensations to just be – they will pass.

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