FaceBombing – How a Narcissist Uses Facebook


Recipe to understand LOVEBOMBING on Facebook. Narcissists start by lovebombing a target and one of the places they like to play in is Facebook. They start by liking all your old pictures, they were stalking you. then they start to like your friends as they leave a comment on one of your posts. make no mistake they are not interested in the pretty picture you just posted instead they are seeing which of your friends they can create a flying money with. Someone to use later as they tell them you are crazy. This pattern will increase over time until the get to the discard stage and you will be wondering why aren’t you liking all my stuff anymore. You may also find that your narcissist starts to like everything of other men or woman and this leaves you wondering if you did something wrong. This is all part of the plan of making you crazy later.

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