Fall Give-A-Way Contest


Last year, to commemorate the release of my new book “DIVORCING YOUR NARCISSIST: You Can’t Make This Shit Up,” I gave away 1,700 digital copies. As I reflect on its upcoming one-year anniversary on November 5th, I wondered, “how can I match that?” I will celebrate by sharing my latest journal – an amazing new tool to help you process your own story – and sponsoring a contest to give away more free stuff!


Have you experienced a narcissistic relationship, romantic, familial, or otherwise?

Do ruminating thoughts haunt you every day? Are you constantly taunted by ‘If only I had…’ or ‘I should have…’ sentiments?

You have a story to tell but you also have some in-depth processing to do in order to untangle what happened.

I have designed a new 265-page journal, broken down into 4 parts, filled with tips to help you learn how to process memories and feelings.

The stages of narcissistic abuse, idealize, devalue, and discard, are assigned with colored tabs that will assist in your recollection of specific memories. Examples of the language commonly used will facilitate connecting the dots between your newfound narc-language and what happened to you by highlighting words you might have heard.

The final two sections include a list of common behaviors followed by how it may have felt in each stage. Each section has additional reflection questions to prompt your memories.

The exercise of breaking down, sorting, cataloging, reconciling, and putting individual memories into the past, by stage, is a monumental step in the right direction. Processing the evocations with the new vocabulary, behaviors, recognized maneuvers, and how you felt in those moments will help bring closure to a damaging time in your life. These journaling prompts are not meant to cause you to rehash and clutch the past but rather give you the permission to process and let go.

By journaling, acknowledging, and releasing these painful memories, you now have the knowledge and the power to see the red flags you missed and more easily recognize these toxic narcissistic behaviors in other people going forward. With this journal, I offer guidance to digest the feelings in each entry so you can process, understand, and heal the wounds – once and for all. You will now be more resilient and won’t fall victim to this type of abuse ever again.


GRAND Prize: WIN a FREE coaching session and two mystery journals

2nd Place Prize (2 winners): One copy of MY STORY OF NARCISSISTIC ABUSE JOURNAL and one bonus mystery journal

3rd Place Prize (2 winners): Two mystery journals EDIT


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I will wait three days in total – if I do not receive any response, I will draw another name as a replacement.

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The coaching winner will be sent a code to be entered into the sign-up form followed by an email with a link to the schedule. The coaching sessions are done by availability Monday – Friday, 9a-5p MDT. It will be the sole responsibility of the winner to book the free session.


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