Facing your fear worksheets

Everyone is afraid of something. Everyone has fears. You are not alone.

Victims of narcissistic abuse historically end up with compound fears, leaving them with the perception that they might never feel free again. Played as a mind-altering recurring loop, mental agitation can stir to the point of panic causing one to lose hope for the future and surrender to it.

How do we face a fear? It is not easy.

The best way to liberate yourself is to create a plan. What would be the worst-case scenario if it came true? What action could you take if it did? Having a plan in place can reduce the power it has over you.

In most cases, fear lies just below our awareness, subconsciously driving our actions and choices. Unresolved fear can create anxiety when it is tapped. Did you know that most things we are afraid of are based on occurrences from our past?

I created these worksheets to help you examine and overcome your own fears. Be brave and face them!

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Conquering Fear Journal



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