Narcissist Signs: Love Bombing

Were you “Swept you off your feet” with superhero speed?


Narcissist abuse actually starts with this stage or “red Flag”. Love Bombing as it is called, is a narcissist way of telling you how perfect you are, how they have never met anyone like you, you are perfect in every way, you like the same things, you believe in the same things, your values are exactly the same as theirs. Could you have met your soulmate? If you envision a checklist this the first check of many as he/she is really checking how gullible you are. But it seems so real.
They wine and dine you, they want to spend every moment with you. Texting you more then you have ever had anyone text you… they are in an elevator and they missed you. They might buy small gifts to show you they were thinking of you. They will kiss better, love better, they will deeply care about your past, your story. On social media they friend you, they start to like everything, comment and gush.
You get overwhelmed
By the sunshine and flowers of this perfect person. Your defense mechanism goes all crazy because… wow this person IS PERFECT.
The narcissist is using this step to trick you. To analyze you and learn everything they can about you, they are testing the waters ‘sort to speak’. They are learning what kind of family life you had, they have a great sense of how you were raised and if you actually have boundaries and like an animal watching their prey they are watching how you react, how you feel and can they use you as a supply source.
They are very excited at the prospect of you falling for their game, they will want to keep you hooked, so they will be testing exactly what they can get away with. How low can they set the bar? They are prepared to turn on the charm, love bomb you with texts and love. They will act like its real, until they hook you.
Below is a great list of Narcissist Red Flag 1: Love Bombing videos. We hope you enjoy them
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