How to Get Revenge on a Narcissist?

It is a beautiful day, sunny Colorado, spring is here So, today I want to talk to you about something that a friend and I were talking about last night and it was revenge. Revenge on a narcissist. How do we get it, how do we make them pay. And I told her that I already made a video on it and the best revenge is self preservation. Get past it. Move on. Accept it and forgive yourself through forgiving them, ta ta! We do not have to forgive them and we do not have to protect the world from them.

That is something that I felt a calling to do when I found out how crazy three ex was I wanted to save the next supply the next victim but it’s not my job to do that and unfortunately, she’s gonna get hers from him before she knows it. And, I’m sure she’s very nice because that’s who they target, nice, kind, giving, caring, loving people. But revenge on a narcissist and putting yourself on a level where you’re spying on them on Facebook or you’re looking at their Instagram or some other social platform that you can see into their life, it’s bad. And please, just resist it. Just walk away. If it comes to your mind, tell your mind that you were acknowledging that it thinks you should look at Facebook, and then let it go. So you thank your mind but I don’t think that’s in my best interest. I don’t care what he’s doing today. I don’t care that he just went here or there or that there’s a picture that I don’t want to see. If I see it, it brings back everything inside of me and we do not want that. As survivors, we need to just cut it off, you know. They’re talking about gray rock and that’s what I’m talking about to you, is just end it.

Forget the revenge. Your revenge is success. Your revenge is to be happy and, and like not let this take you down. Because it’s just a day. It’s just a year. It’s just 10 years of your life. And if you hold on to this, you’re going to ruin the next 10 years of your life feeling sorry for yourself and letting them win. Don’t be afraid to have other relationships. Just don’t do it right away. Give yourself the time to understand it. Give yourself the time to understand why you were a victim. Why you were susceptible to someone coming in and controlling your life like that. We didn’t do anything wrong and yet we blame ourselves. So, the revenge on a narcissist, don’t do it. No. Revenge is your success. Revenge is your recovery. Go ahead and get recovered That’s all you have to worry about. If you look into your own heart, you’ll see the person that you love right in there. And that person deserves to be free from all of this madness. This brain fuck crazy. Just do what you can and forgive yourself. I’m not saying forgive them. No. fuck them! Forgive yourself for being in that relationship. Because there were good parts about it and it was okay until it wasn’t. So, if you’re gonna take revenge on a narcissist, go ahead. Make my day. Be happy.

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