How to Ground Yourself in Troubled Times

Grounding is all about the awareness that we are “still in a physical body” as well as connecting to our spiritual beings. When we go through trauma our minds play games on our body and so often can get stressed and our own body loses its way to get us calmed down. These techniques are really helpful when that feeling comes across your chest like a panic attack, dizziness, feeling spaced out, Feeling sick, Heart palpitations and being more forgetful then usual.

Why is it so important that we ground/earth ourselves?

  • Grounding gives our body the power to quickly realize what is happening and move to a self-healing place.


These techniques are a great way to focus your mind and change the way your mind is thinking right now.

  • Breathe deeply – imagine the air filling your stomach and bringing it further and further down
  • Pray – going to your own special source of spirit will ground you
  • Meditate – Calming the mind is so important and mediation is a wonderful to take a mind time out
  • Notice sensations of clothing on body – focus on the way the pants hit your foot or try to imagine the nect of your shirt
  • Notice details of surroundings (e.g., nature, pictures, signs, walls, etc.) – if you can go outside and look at the sky or walk on grass and really feel it under your feet
  • Increase physical sensations (scrunching fingers, rub fingers and thumb together – move your body)
  • Ask yourself, “What do I feel right now?” explore your body where and what are you feeling. Accept that you are feeling (example) fear – thank your mind for making you aware but then let it go.
  • Take a brief walk breathing deeply and noticing your feet touching the ground
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