How to get away from a Narcissist

The key to escaping a narcissist is to do it right!!
If you are living with or married to a narcissist, or have co-mingled money then this is something you need. As you may have already noticed the narcissistic rage that happens, when they don’t get their way, it can be scary. It takes so much courage to decide to leave and we know it’s not easy. Even though you may have learned enough to want to leave and start protecting yourself, you are not dealing with ‘normal’. To make it worse, you probably loved this person and because of these new shocking behaviors, you are struggling to hold on. It’s common to feel depression, anger, betrayal, abandonment and let’s not forget the feeling of just not wanting to get out of bed. If you are like me you feel like you are in a cloud, walking into rooms and then wondering why you are there (PTSD), then don’t be a hero and think you can do this alone.
I totally get it, that was me three years ago. I didn’t know about narcissists then and I got beaten down in a ridiculous “War of the Roses divorce”. I didn’t know how to protect myself, I didn’t know what things that were needed to protect myself or what to do. My email was hacked, 10 years of family photos were deleted everywhere, money was locked away and I needed help. leaving a narcissist is going to be ugly and we aren’t used to ‘ugly’ and that is what they are counting on. Protect yourself and stop them wherever you can. It’s only $17, you win and you support our greater mission to continue to give back to all survivors.

Don’t forget anything and do this right!

Take my hand, my comprehensive safety plan will give you the tools to make it through this difficult time smarter then I was.

The workbook will be delivered to you instantly for you to download and start planning.

May the force of self-love be with you
wishing you peace
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