How to Get Revenge on a Narcissist

how to get revenge on a narcissistIf you are looking to learn how to get revenge on a narcissist? You must be careful because fighting it out with a narcissist is never a good thing. They have no soul they have no heart and they DO NOT CARE who they hurt. Have they already demonstrated that they can hurt you without batting an eye? Haven’t they already shown you they just don’t care? if the answer is yes to those questions I suggest you watch this video to better understand why this is not a good idea. YouTuber Tracy Malone has set out to explain the best ways to get revenge on a narcissist.

How to get revenge on a narcissist

The first thing to do is educate yourself so that you really understand what getting revenge on a narcissist might look like. They have the emotional ability of a five year old and they will do things to you if you get caught. The best answer is to use the police on THEM if they step out of line – stalk you – text you – harass you call the police. Narcissists like to use the legal system to ruin people, emotionally, financially and to shame you.
During divorces a narcissist will lie and cheat and stand there and tell the judge that they are a great parent, its an act and often judges don’t understand exactly what is going on so they favor the words of a seemingly caring parent. Be careful not to lose it in court because that is exactly what they want you to do. Show the world you are crazy, they don’t even WANT the kids that would cramp their addiction to sex and porn they just want to hurt you.

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