How to Heal Emotional Abuse

MOVE ON – Educate yourself, learn about them, understand your accountability. You
can visit with the pain of the breakup or loss but do not live there, when you are ready
to get help and move on you will.
KEEP CONTROL – Learn about boundaries, love yourself, listen to intuition, never let it
happen again.
FIND GRATITUDE – Everything you have is a gift, from the stars and flowers to the rain,
give thanks every day.

Educate Yourself and Learn More Here!

NEVER LOSE HAPPY – Put on your oxygen mask first, be the best friend to yourself that
you always wanted.
ACCEPT THAT LIFE CHANGES – Hills and valleys of life are just like chapters in a book,
they begin, and they end, learn to accept changes. Rewrite the story to new
PERFECTION IS NOT POSSIBLE – Fairy tales are stories, Prince Charming is a Disney
character, people are meant to have their own passions. Don’t be fooled by someone
who claims to be prince or princess charming
LEARN YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE – Accept that it is not your job to make people
happy. We each must make happiness for ourselves. Let go of criticism of you, you
can’t control them anyway.
LIVE FOR TODAY – Understand the past, forget the mistakes. Remember the lesson.
When we live in the past we are not living, we are reliving.
TAKE CALCULATED RISKS – Be smart, do research, weigh benefits against risks, and
listen to your intuition.
ACCEPT THAT LIFE CHANGES – One chapter after another, you have the crayon to write
the rest of the story.
ACCEPT THE LESSONS OF FAILING – There is always a lesson, seek it out before the
same lesson appears again.

LEARN TO BE WILLING TO FAIL – Failing at something does not make you a failure.
Never let failure stop you.
BE YOUR BEST FRIEND – Learn to enjoy time alone. That means doing what you love,
practice self-love. Date yourself and do they things you miss doing with a partner.
DETERMINE YOUR CORE BELIEFS – Write them out and look at them often. If someone
is violating them, evaluate and remove offenders quickly.
CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS – Understanding that you have the power to turn bad
emotions to positive ones, is a skill you must learn to use every day.
LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION – Accept the signs your body is telling you. Your inner
child, or spirit are warning you when something is not right. Stop and Listen!
LEARN BOUNDARIES – Define them, determine penalties, communicate them, honor
yourself by enforcing them.
UNDERSTAND FEAR – Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Remember fear
steals tomorrow, it does not fix yesterday.
WORK HARD FOR TOMORROW – No one owes you anything, but you owe yourself
everything. Take care of yourself and the world is yours.
MARRY YOURSELF – In sickness and in health, learn to self-care, provide and love
yourself. When you can care for yourself without the need of someone to ‘complete
you’ you will be happy.
STUDY FORGIVENESS – To heal your wounds, not to erase or condone their actions,
rather to detach the emotional charge from the offenses, so these events do not
control your feelings or life.
KEEP DREAMING – When you have a dream, set goals on how to get there. Working
hard for your dreams brings them closer to coming true. Without a plan a dream is just
a wish.

Heal the PTSD and live the life you deserve.

Be A SurThriver

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