Parental Heartache: Coping with a Narcissistic Child

Parents grappling with the reality of having a narcissistic child endure a profound and agonizing journey marked by deep emotional pain and bewilderment. The innate instinct to protect and nurture your child clashes with the harsh reality of witnessing manipulative and self-centered behaviors.

Feelings of guilt, shame, and confusion often consume them as they grapple with the realization that their child may lack empathy and regard for others. The hopes and dreams they once held for your child’s future are shattered, replaced by a relentless cycle of disappointment and heartache.

If this is your journey, I can help!

Struggling with a Narcissistic Child’s Impact?

Feeling the heartbreak of not having a normal family…

Mourning the loss of Your hoped-for child…

Feeling helpless and worried for their future…

Feeling torn between letting go and holding on

Feeling alone and isolated

Feeling overwhelmed and unsupported

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

Have your concerns and fears affirmed.

Discover techniques to avoid being triggered while managing time with them.

Create effective strategies for communicating.

Discover methods for establishing boundaries to safeguard your family.

Discover strategies to avoid exacerbating the divide and making mistakes.

Get emotional support as you brace yourself for the challenges.

Reclaim Your Power

I Am Your Guide

I’m Tracy A. Malone, an experienced international coach specializing in narcissistic abuse. With a track record of assisting thousands of individuals grappling with narcissistic children, I possess the expertise to guide you through. I empathize with your emotions and concerns, and I’m equipped with effective tactics and strategies to aid you in healing and releasing the damage inflicted by your own child.

You’ll learn how to navigate negative communication without feeling triggered and develop effective communication strategies.

I’ll offer you a caring and educated ear, so you no longer feel the need to burden your friends and family.

You’ll discover how to set boundaries without guilt, reclaiming control of your life.

Get emotional support, tools, and guidance

Gratitude Praise

“I can’t thank Tracy enough for her invaluable support in navigating the challenges of raising a narcissistic child. Her expertise and compassionate guidance have been a lifeline during some of my darkest moments. With Tracy’s help, I’ve learned effective strategies for setting boundaries, managing triggers, and fostering healthier communication. She’s been a true ally on this difficult journey, and I’m incredibly grateful for her unwavering dedication to helping families like mine.”

~ surTHRIVER ~”

“It might sound strange, but after my divorce from my narcissistic ex, I started noticing troubling behaviors in my 14-year-old son that mirrored his father’s traits. He became abusive, manipulative, and constantly lied, which deeply worried me. Thankfully, Tracy helped me realize that he wasn’t turning narcissistic but rather learning these behaviors. With Tracy’s guidance, I learned how to support my son effectively, and I’m relieved to say he’s returned to the child I once knew. I’m grateful to Tracy for steering me away from the mistakes I was on the brink of making.
~ surTHRIVER ~”

Work With Tracy A. Malone

Private One-On-One Coaching: Receive personalized support for your unique challenges and start your journey towards reclaiming your power.

Let’s address releasing your fear, shame, or guilt, and develop strategies to manage triggers, stop
rumination, and heal abandonment wounds. We’ll also focus on overcoming codependent behaviors, learn to set boundaries again, finally let go of the story and write the next chapter, rediscover yourself, find confidence to navigate dating again, and you can learn how to rebuild trusting skills after betrayal. What are you struggling with?

Together, we’ll explore the wounds inflicted by the narcissist, and you’ll acquire tools to release the pain. Invest in your future of peace and happiness.

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surTHRIVER Healing Program

Rebuilding your emotional resilience is essential for healing after enduring abuse from a narcissist. While comprehending the narcissist’s behavior is crucial for recovery, it’s equally vital to recognize the vulnerabilities that made you susceptible to their manipulation. The cornerstone of healing lies in addressing the emotional wounds inflicted by abuse and healing them.

I developed the surTHRIVER Healing Program to serve as your roadmap in acquiring the necessary skills for genuine healing. Tailored for women navigating divorce, feeling stagnant post-divorce, coparenting, experiencing relationship breakups, or grappling with familial narcissism, this program equips you with transformative skills. Discover community and forge new friendships as you heal collectively.