Struggling with a Narcissistic Coworker or Boss?

Working with a narcissist in the workplace can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience. Whether it is a manager or a co-worker exhibiting narcissistic behavior, the struggles are often similar. Dealing with someone who is self-centered, manipulative, and lacks empathy can create a toxic work environment that impacts not only productivity but also your mental well-being. The constant need for validation, credit-stealing, and undermining of others can make it difficult to collaborate effectively and can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and low morale among team members. Finding ways to navigate these challenges and protect yourself from the negative effects of working with a narcissist is crucial for maintaining your professional integrity and mental health.

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Navigating a Narcissist At Work?

Experiencing frustration and a sense of being unheard

Feeling overwhelmed and lacking support…

Sensing sabotage and deception

Perceiving your career to be at risk

Feeling confused by the shifting goalposts…

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

What Would Your Life Be like if…

Cultivate inner strength and resilience to manage emotions effectively in the workplace.

Master the art of articulating concerns to your boss or HR department.

Gather compelling evidence to substantiate instances of workplace abuse.

Develop communication skills to avoid being triggered by the narcissist.

Get emotional support as you brace yourself for the challenges at work.

Deflect manipulative attacks, falsehoods, and defamation from the narcissist.

Reclaim Your Power

I Am Your Guide

I am Tracy A. Malone, an international narcissistic abuse coach, I specialize in supporting individuals as they navigate various challenges in toxic work environments. From fostering collaboration to combating undermining tactics and credit-stealing, I assist clients in addressing issues such as triangulation, blame-shifting, shifting goalposts, denial, minimization, and information withholding. Additionally, I provide guidance to organizations dealing with narcissistic individuals in their workforce or management, aiding them in managing and resolving toxic situations effectively.

I will validate narcissistic behaviors and provide coping strategies.

Assist you in gathering compelling evidence essential for company recognition of narcissistic behavior.

Empower individuals to build emotional resilience and navigate challenging situations.

Collaborate with organizations and HR departments to protect employees from abuse and minimize company liability.

I’ll equip you with tactics to counter manipulative attacks, false accusations, and character assassinations perpetrated by the narcissist.

Gratitude Praise

" I cannot express enough gratitude to Tracy for her invaluable guidance and unwavering support during one of the most challenging periods of my career. Facing a toxic environment fueled by a narcissistic colleague, I felt overwhelmed and feared for my job security due to the narcissist's deceitful tactics. Tracy's expertise empowered me to confront the situation head-on, providing me with the tools and strategies to gather evidence and expose the abuse. With Tracy's assistance, I was able to navigate the intricate dynamics of the workplace, prove the manipulation, and ultimately see the narcissist removed from the company. Tracy's compassionate yet strategic approach not only helped me safeguard my job but also restored my sense of confidence and control. I am profoundly grateful for Tracy's support and would highly recommend her services to anyone grappling with similar challenges in the workplace. ~ surTHRIVER ~"
" After being abruptly let go from a successful 25-year career, I found myself grappling with shattered self-esteem and overwhelming despair caused by the manipulative tactics of narcissists. I was paralyzed, unable to even contemplate starting anew. Tracy became my lifeline during this dark time, guiding me through the labyrinth of emotions and helping me untangle the web of deceit. With her support, I gained clarity, recognizing how I was manipulated and understanding my role in the situation. Despite the disbelief and questioning of my character after investing so much time in my career, Tracy helped me find the strength to navigate through the pain and uncertainty. I am immensely grateful for her wisdom and compassion, as her guidance enabled me to embark on a new, fulfilling career path while finally releasing the burden of prolonged suffering. Tracy's support was truly instrumental in my journey toward healing and renewal. ~ surTHRIVER ~"

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Private One-On-One Coaching: Receive personalized support for your unique challenges and start your journey towards reclaiming your power.

Let’s address releasing your fear, shame, or guilt, and develop strategies to manage triggers, stop
rumination, and heal abandonment wounds. We’ll also focus on overcoming codependent behaviors, learn to set boundaries again, finally let go of the story and write the next chapter, rediscover yourself, find confidence to navigate dating again, and you can learn how to rebuild trusting skills after betrayal. What are you struggling with?

Together, we’ll explore the wounds inflicted by the narcissist, and you’ll acquire tools to release the pain. Invest in your future of peace and happiness.

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