Transformative Shifts: The Impact of Marriage and In-Laws

You married for love with admiration for your in-laws, but everything shifted once the vows were exchanged. Navigating life with narcissistic in-laws can be a daunting and emotionally draining experience, marked by a pervasive sense of control and manipulation.

These individuals often impose their will upon family dynamics, leaving little room for autonomy or independence. The pressure to conform to their expectations can lead to feelings of suffocation and resentment, as individuals struggle to assert their own boundaries and priorities.

If this is your journey, I can help!

Their Parents’ Behavior is Your Fault

Feeling controlled and hurt…

Feeling confused and blamed

Feeling abandoned by your partner…

Wishing your spouse could see what you see…

Feeling betrayed and uncertain

Feeling overwhelmed and unsupported

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

Summon strength and resilience to face hard times…

Create effective strategies for communicating your needs…

Discover how to take back control and shift the power dynamics…

Get emotional support as you brace yourself for the challenges of change

Discover effective ways to convey the importance of change to your spouse…

Reclaim Your Power

I Am Your Guide

I am Tracy A. Malone, an international narcissistic abuse coach. I comprehend the deceit, enmeshment, control, manipulation, and lack of spousal support you’re facing. Together, we’ll address your fears and concerns while developing tactics and strategies to empower positive change in your life.

You’ll discover how to manage negative communication without being triggered and develop effective strategies for communication.

Mastering the management of triggers, whether from your partner or their parents, paves the way to a more tranquil life.

Join forces with me to establish boundaries and equip yourself to uphold them confidently.

I’ll equip you with tactics to deflect manipulative tactics, counter false accusations, and safeguard against character assassinations from your in-laws.

You’ll receive emotional support, tools, and guidance to help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

Gratitude Praise

“Tracy has been an absolute lifesaver in helping me reclaim my marriage from the grip of my narcissistic in-laws. Their constant interference and manipulation had strained our relationship to the breaking point. With Tracy’s guidance and support, I learned effective strategies to set boundaries and assert myself confidently. She helped me navigate the complexities of dealing with narcissistic dynamics, empowering me to reclaim control of my marriage. Thanks to Tracy, my partner and I have rediscovered the joy and harmony in our relationship. I’m immensely grateful for her expertise and compassionate assistance.”

~ surTHRIVER ~”

“Before working with Tracy, my husband’s enmeshment with his parents was suffocating our marriage. Vacations were dictated by their preferences, and major financial decisions required their approval, even into our late 40s. Their control extended to dictating my clothing choices, leaving me feeling trapped and powerless. My husband’s lack of support added to the frustration. Tracy provided me with invaluable tools and support to address these issues. With her guidance, I found the courage to communicate effectively, and our dynamic has transformed. I finally feel heard and empowered to reclaim our independence. Tracy has been a true blessing.
~ surTHRIVER ~”

Work With Tracy A. Malone

Private One-On-One Coaching: Receive personalized support for your unique challenges and start your journey towards reclaiming your power.

Let’s address releasing your fear, shame, or guilt, and develop strategies to manage triggers, stop
rumination, and heal abandonment wounds. We’ll also focus on overcoming codependent behaviors, learn to set boundaries again, finally let go of the story and write the next chapter, rediscover yourself, find confidence to navigate dating again, and you can learn how to rebuild trusting skills after betrayal. What are you struggling with?

Together, we’ll explore the wounds inflicted by the narcissist, and you’ll acquire tools to release the pain. Invest in your future of peace and happiness.

Reclaim Your Power Today!

surTHRIVER Healing Program

Rebuilding your emotional resilience is essential for healing after enduring abuse from a narcissist. While comprehending the narcissist’s behavior is crucial for recovery, it’s equally vital to recognize the vulnerabilities that made you susceptible to their manipulation. The cornerstone of healing lies in addressing the emotional wounds inflicted by abuse and healing them.

I developed the surTHRIVER Healing Program to serve as your roadmap in acquiring the necessary skills for genuine healing. Tailored for women navigating divorce, feeling stagnant post-divorce, coparenting, experiencing relationship breakups, or grappling with familial narcissism, this program equips you with transformative skills. Discover community and forge new friendships as you heal collectively.