You Are Not Allowed To Outshine Narcissistic Parents

Narcissistic parents often prioritize their own needs and desires above their children’s, leading to a sense of abandonment and betrayal. Children may struggle with low self-esteem, as their achievements are often overshadowed or dismissed by their parents’ constant need for validation and admiration. Despite the longing for love and approval, the child may never receive the unconditional support and affection they crave, leading to feelings of emptiness and unworthiness.

The journey of healing from the trauma of having narcissistic parents is complex and arduous, but with the right support and resources, it is possible to break free from the cycle of abuse and reclaim one’s sense of self-worth and inner peace.

If this is your journey, I can help!

Do you feel overwhelmed coping with the impact of a narcissistic parent?

Feeling alone and isolated

Feeling the heartbreak of not having a normal family

Feeling the internal narrative “I am not good enough…

Feeling overwhelmed and unsupported

Feeling helpless and worried

Has your life and relationships struggled because of them?

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

Summon the strength and resilience you need to manage your narcissistic parent.

Create effective strategies for communicating.

Release the outdated narratives that no longer benefit you.

Identify and heal the wounds caused by your narcissistic parent.

Get tools to deal with siblings who were pitted against you.

Learn to set boundaries to reclaim your life.

Reclaim Your Power

I Am Your Guide

I’m Tracy A. Malone, an experienced international coach specializing in narcissistic abuse. With a track record of assisting thousands of individuals grappling with narcissistic parents, I possess the expertise to guide you through. I empathize with your emotions and concerns, and I’m equipped with effective tactics and strategies to aid you in healing and releasing the damage inflicted by being raised by a narcissist.

You’ll learn how to navigate negative communication without feeling triggered and develop effective communication strategies.

I’ll offer you a caring and educated ear, so you no longer feel the need to burden your friends and family.

You’ll discover how to set boundaries without guilt, reclaiming control of your life.

You’ll have a partner to help you navigate your contact with them.

You’ll be provided with emotional support, tools, and guidance to aid in the healing process from the wounds inflicted by narcissistic parents.

Gratitude Praise

"I was a licensed therapist for approximately 30 years. It was always important to me to understand my family dynamics and why I keep choosing people in my life who are narcissistic. I knew there was narcissism in my family, but not until I saw Tracy Malone did I fully understand what was truly happening. It has released me from my feelings that there is something wrong with me because I was bullied by my two sisters. Then I joined one of her groups and felt supported and as if I was part of a family again." ~ surTHRIVER ~"
“After two decades of therapy to cope with my parents' cruelty, I found hope in just four sessions with Tracy. Her guidance equipped me with strategies to navigate interactions with them, maintain emotional stability, and manage triggers effectively. Tracy's communication techniques have been transformative—I can now be in the same room with my parents without feeling overwhelmed. I've also learned to accept their limitations, sparing myself the disappointment of expecting them to be different. Tracy, thank you for changing my life. ~ surTHRIVER ~"

Narcissistic Parent Coaching Program

WE HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY GET HERE BECAUSE ITS ONLY COACHING NOW Divorcing a narcissist can feel like an overwhelming challenge, perhaps the toughest you’ve ever faced. The uncertainties ahead can leave you feeling lost and in need of guidance. Many find themselves isolated and helpless as the narcissist undermines their support system entirely.

My goal is to empower you with the strength and clarity needed to navigate this divorce journey with grace and maximum protection. I’ll be your virtual companion, holding your hand every step of the way. Together, we’ll tackle this process as partners.

The Divorce Program I offer includes personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, participation in a monthly Zoom divorce support group, a digital copy of my bestselling book “Divorcing your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”, access to my “Boundaries” course, as well as enrollment in my “Change The Story” course. Additionally, you’ll receive an electronic “Leaving Plan” and a printed copy of my journal “My Story Of Narcissistic Abuse”.

What is included in the Surthriver Divorce Package

3 – 50-minute One-On-One Coaching sessions – value $555
(CHANAYE – I am thinking it should be four sessions – 2 a month – this is not priced for it)

1 – 90-minute group coaching zoom call (2 months access) – value – $555
1 – Enrollment in my “Boundaries” course – value – $25
1 – Enrollment in my “Change The Story” Course – Value $59
1 – Leaving Plan – Value $17
1 – Divorcing Your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! 300-page book – Electronic Kindle Version – Value – $9.99
1 – Printed copy of my journal “My Story Of Narcissistic Abuse” (USA delivery only) – Value $21.99

Value $ 1,242.98

Your Cost $597 per month (2-month commitment $1,194)


Reclaim Your Power
Standalone small coaching packages are also available.