The Complex Journey of a Narcissistic Sibling

Having a narcissistic sibling can entail enduring a profoundly challenging journey marked by emotional turmoil and strained relationships. The dynamics within such familial bonds often involve competing for attention, validation, and affection, which can leave the non-narcissistic sibling feeling overlooked and invalidated. Constant manipulation and gaslighting may further exacerbate feelings of confusion and self-doubt, as the non-narcissistic sibling struggles to maintain boundaries and assert their own needs. The journey of coping with a narcissistic sibling is fraught with complexities, requiring resilience, self-awareness, and often, professional support to navigate the intricate dynamics while preserving one’s emotional well-being.

If this is your journey, I can help!

You Never Had A Normal Sibling Relationship

Feeling alone and isolated

Feeling frustrated and hurt

Feeling confusion for the lies…

Feeling not believed and unsupported

Feeling betrayed

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

Get tools to deal with siblings who were pitted against you.

Learn trigger management to confidently participate in family gatherings.

Summon the strength and resilience you need to manage your sibling.

Learn to set boundaries to reclaim your life.

Release the outdated narratives that no longer benefit you.

Identify and heal the wounds caused by your sibling.

Get support to go no contact

Reclaim Your Power

I Am Your Guide

I am Tracy A. Malone, an international narcissistic abuse coach. Having experienced two narcissistic siblings myself—one of whom has passed, and the other I’ve am in no contact with after 60 years, enduring her lies and manipulation. I intimately understand the arduous journey and yearning for normal sibling relationships.

Acknowledging your fears and concerns, I’m here to assist you in releasing the expectations of a different reality.

Together, we’ll cultivate the strength and resilience needed to overcome a lifetime of abuse.

I’ll be your partner in navigating the complexities of healing, offering strategies to deflect manipulative tactics, false accusations, and character attacks from your sibling.

With emotional support, tools, and guidance, you’ll reclaim control of your life.

Gratitude Praise

“I was a licensed therapist for approximately 30 years. It was always important to me to understand my family dynamics and why I keep choosing people in my life who are narcissistic. I knew there was narcissism in my family, but not until I saw Tracy Malone did I fully understand what was truly happening. It has released me from my feelings that there is something wrong with me because I was bullied by my two sisters. Then I joined one of her groups and felt supported and as if I was part of a family again.
~ surTHRIVER ~”

“Tracy Malone has been an invaluable guide in helping me navigate the challenges of dealing with my narcissistic and controlling brother. With her support, I’ve learned to recognize manipulative tactics and set boundaries effectively. Tracy’s insights and strategies have empowered me to reclaim my sense of self and assert my needs confidently. Her guidance has been instrumental in my journey towards healing and reclaiming control of my life. I’m deeply grateful for Tracy’s expertise and compassionate support.
~ surTHRIVER ~”

Work With Tracy A. Malone

Private One-On-One Coaching: Receive personalized support for your unique challenges and start your journey towards reclaiming your power.

Let’s address releasing your fear, shame, or guilt, and develop strategies to manage triggers, stop
rumination, and heal abandonment wounds. We’ll also focus on overcoming codependent behaviors, learn to set boundaries again, finally let go of the story and write the next chapter, rediscover yourself, find confidence to navigate dating again, and you can learn how to rebuild trusting skills after betrayal. What are you struggling with?

Together, we’ll explore the wounds inflicted by the narcissist, and you’ll acquire tools to release the pain. Invest in your future of peace and happiness.

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surTHRIVER Healing Program

Rebuilding your emotional resilience is essential for healing after enduring abuse from a narcissist. While comprehending the narcissist’s behavior is crucial for recovery, it’s equally vital to recognize the vulnerabilities that made you susceptible to their manipulation. The cornerstone of healing lies in addressing the emotional wounds inflicted by abuse and healing them.

I developed the surTHRIVER Healing Program to serve as your roadmap in acquiring the necessary skills for genuine healing. Tailored for women navigating divorce, feeling stagnant post-divorce, coparenting, experiencing relationship breakups, or grappling with familial narcissism, this program equips you with transformative skills. Discover community and forge new friendships as you heal collectively.