Navigating the Parenting Plan Decisions

Creating a parenting plan with a narcissist can be an incredibly challenging endeavor, fraught with obstacles at every turn. Narcissists often exhibit a lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, and a need for control, making cooperative co-parenting nearly impossible. Their manipulative tactics, such as gaslighting, blame-shifting, and manipulation of facts, can further complicate the process. Additionally, narcissists may resist any attempts to negotiate or compromise, viewing the situation as a battleground where they must emerge victorious. This can lead to prolonged legal battles, emotional turmoil, and a constant sense of instability for both parents and children involved. Negotiating with a narcissist requires patience, strategic planning, and a strong support system to navigate the complexities and safeguard the well-being of everyone involved.

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Negotiating a Parenting Plan with a Narcissist?

Feeling apprehensive about how your children will fare…

Feeling that the children may be turned against you

Feeling that there will never be peace while co-parenting…

Feeling scared that they will never comply with the orders…

Feeling that they will never agree to anything…

Feeling uncertain about what to include in a parenting plan…

Feeling helpless, confused and isolated

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

What Would Your Life Be like if You…

Understand what to include in a parenting plan to protect your children.

Know your rights and essential components for peaceful co-parenting.

Establish clear legal boundaries and guidelines for parenting your children.

Create effective strategies for communicating after divorce.

Reduce conflict by determining each parent’s responsibility for covering the children’s expenses.

Saved money by defining a clear conflict resolution policy helps avoid court involvement.

Reclaim Your Power

Stop The Gaslighting: By Knowing Your Rights And Fighting For Them

Let Me Be Your Guide

I’m Tracy A. Malone, an international coach specializing in narcissistic abuse and divorce. My coaching focuses on guiding individuals through their divorces and navigating the challenging landscape of co-parenting. My dedication to understanding parenting plans stems from a desire to prevent the post-divorce abuse commonly experienced by my clients. With narcissists’ predictable patterns, I’m equipped to help you anticipate and address their strategies both during and after divorce. I understand your fears and concerns and am skilled in countering the tactics and strategies typically employed by narcissists.

Analyzing parenting plans has revealed to me that advocating for and incorporating clauses to shield you from anticipated behaviors guarantees a more serene co-parenting experience. Let me be your guide.

I’ve developed a masterclass course on parenting plans to equip you with the knowledge to grasp your rights and know what to request from your lawyer in order to prevent post-divorce abuse. Protect yourself and your children from further abuse by learning how narcissists may exploit the children, and how to safeguard against it.

Let me educate you and guide you on this journey.

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A crucial aspect of a parenting plan revolves around anticipating potential scenarios and preparing for them. Even in cases where divorcing couples maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their children, unforeseen circumstances may arise. It’s important to consider various “what if” situations such as if your child needs orthodontic treatment or requires glasses, who will decide and pay for what portion? What if your child needs therapy? What if one parent needs to relocate or either partner enters into a new relationship? These are all important considerations to address when creating a parenting plan.

If you fail to document these things in your parenting plan, it can often lead to legal disputes, court hearings, and significant financial costs. My goal is to assist you in comprehending all the crucial aspects that require your attention.

By taking my masterclass, you can offer your children a priceless gift of conflict-free peace. This approach requires thinking ahead and planning for all possible situations, so that everyone involved knows what to do and how to act. It is necessary to outline parenting time, assign responsibility, clarify decision-making roles, and establish what the couple wants for their children.

Failure to handle this correctly will result in the narcissist manipulating the situation, leading to repeated court appearances where you’ll regret not taking the time to establish protections from the start with your legal team and the court system. Recognize the challenge ahead and invest your time now to educate yourself and incorporate these essential protections.

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Very few have the luxury of unlimited funds to be able to hire a lawyer who will provide all of the various elements that could/should be included in their narcissistic situation-specific parenting plan. It can be challenging to determine what to ask for.

Alternatively, learn from us what to request and have your attorney prepare a plan that is suitable for your family’s needs and within your states laws.

What You Get With This Masterclass

60 Lesson Modules tailored to address your specific needs

60 Worksheets Help You Understand Your Options and How to Protect You from Narcissistic Manipulation.

60 Video Lessons to Enhance Your Learning Experience.

BONUS: 100’s of Sample Clauses for Added Guidance.

BONUS: State-by-State Guidelines and Sample Parenting Plans for Comprehensive Understanding.

BONUS: Visual Parenting Time Schedules for Clarity and Organization.

BONUS: Negotiation Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Desired Outcome.


If You Are Aware, You Can Prepare

In my exploration of parenting plans, I’ve discovered that many basic plans neglect vital options to shield victims of narcissistic abuse from predictable tactics. Without exposure to all possibilities, adequate preparation is hindered. My analysis of online plans and client experiences highlights the value of investing in professionally developed plans, leading to a more secure and peaceful future. Those who take this step effectively anticipate and address potential narcissistic issues, positioning themselves for success.

We provide you with the knowledge and resources to empower yourself. Instead of being educated by your lawyer at a rate of $500 an hour, you’ll be equipped to communicate your needs effectively. This enables your lawyer to draft perfect clauses that safeguard your future.

Lawyers may not fully grasp the ongoing tactics a narcissist employs post-divorce. They often suggest a standard parenting plan, with the option to revisit and pay for updates if issues arise. However, I understand the specific tactics narcissists use without clear rules in place to prevent further abuse. My aim is to anticipate these behaviors based on their current patterns, keeping you out of court and ensuring the protection of you and your children.


Gratitude Praise

"While I appreciate my lawyer, I've realized that he isn't adequately safeguarding me from future abuse. Despite witnessing my narcissist's malicious behavior during the divorce proceedings, my lawyer failed to incorporate the protections I learned were necessary from this course. My narcissist has a history of questionable financial practices and insists that expenses are solely my responsibility. However, with specific parameters now outlined in the plan, I'm confident he has no choice but to fulfill his obligations without argument or his usual excuses. Additionally, we've established a conflict resolution policy that holds him accountable for non-payment, potentially sparing us from court involvement through the use of a parent coordinator. The value of this course has already become evident, and I'm grateful for the peace of mind it has provided. Thank you Tracy ~ surTHRIVER ~"
"Enrolling in Tracy Malone's Parenting Plan Masterclass has been nothing short of transformative for me. Tracy's expertise in navigating the complexities of co-parenting with a narcissist is unparalleled. Her course provided me with invaluable insights and practical strategies to effectively protect myself and my children from further abuse. Tracy's comprehensive approach, complete with detailed lessons, videos, worksheets, and bonus resources, empowered me to confidently advocate for my rights and negotiate a parenting plan that prioritized our well-being. Thanks to Tracy's guidance, I now have the tools and knowledge to navigate co-parenting challenges with resilience and clarity. I cannot recommend Tracy's course highly enough – it's a game-changer!"  ~ surTHRIVER ~"