Narcissist Cover Up

When a narcissist drops his mask and we learn the truth they lash out at the victim in a way that is unbelievable and extreme. Suddenly the life you thought was real becomes a nightmare. A narcissist will do anything to protect their lies. What most victims don’t get is closure because they don’t understand what happened. Tracy A Malone and Lieselle Davidson share the story of two women that were dating the same narcissist for over two years. The way he morphed his personality to mold himself to to be exactly what they each wanted, the lies he told about the other, the absolute lack of empathy towards them. The lovebombing, the rushing intimacy, charm, stories of what a good person they are, evidence that completely shows otherwise, guilt, pity ploys, unusual amount of crazy people in his life. No regard for what is right, chronic lies, no accountability. Mirroring, Gaslighting, discards that can not be explained except to say… it was time to move on because we knew the truth.

We have learned the truth and want to help others understand what just happened.

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