Narcissist Discard Phase: Revenge or Peace?

Tonight, I’m going to talk about the final stage of a narcissist. The final stage is when they discard you and they get rid of you. And so tonight I was looking and trying to really understand why everyone’s story of the discard is so strong and so full of horror and shock. Everyone seems to be shocked and what I’m looking at here is a list. I went on with the word discard, the grand finale is to write off, to dump, to ditch, dispense with, eliminate, reject, divorce. I was that one. They divorce, oust, cast aside. They desert, abandon, chop, vanish. It chucked you away, that is what discard means, but my personal favorite is sex. I think that many people would feel like they have been duped into sex because they have been discarded by a narcissist. And what I’m learning in all of the different blogs about the narcissist?  I want you to think about this. We know that narcissist lie, and not only lying to us but they are also lying to other people. This fake identity that they’ve created for themselves. So when we know their lies, their biggest fear is that we know their lies. And so the only way to do anything about it is to discard and get rid of, and cast away, and divorce. Because their lies are protecting this, this mask, this mask that they put on to everybody and it is their reputation so whether its people that you have in common, their friends, individually people finding out that they’ve done something really shitty. The best way that I can do this, is to get rid of you.

Every single story that I hear, there are people talking about narcissists that were kind to them until they left. So, they, they do this to everyone and this is not just a personal story, this is a fact. And I really don’t understand why. What I’m learning is that there’s a lot of really bad man out there that pretend that the person that they’re with, did something that they didn’t. And this is so unfair. I met a girl about a week ago, and she had a little baby, like a little child, and baby daddy did not marry her and so the only way that he was helping her was by buying diapers. He was a narc, and he was crazy but she wasn’t getting any child support. So, she went over as he requested to his house. And he smashed his face into the wall, bleeding everywhere, and he called the police and had her arrested. And she spent like almost a year in jail. That is crazy behavior and that is the kind of thing that a narcissist does, that crazy, destructive, behavior.

I’m saying crazy today. I always repeat the word each time I’m learning that I have I have one word that i keep on repeating. But, the actions of the narcissist are out of the realm that the normal people will ever do. If a normal person were there, they would not be afraid of secrets. What narcissists are afraid of is us telling on them, telling the world exactly what we know. And then that would ruin their reputation. And so, they have to get rid of us. They can’t let the world know that they have done something that is not right. So, the best thing to do is discard throw away with, dispense with, dump ditch, throw out, throw away, eliminate reject, oust, cast aside, desert, vanished, abandoned, shocked, swept away. No, sorry. Sweep away, swept away is when we clean the house. And they do it in a very bad way. So, if you can protect yourself try to, try to go. Go grey rock. That’s my biggest suggestion. Don’t ever try to talk to them again.

If you have a child, I am so sorry. I know people that have children with a narc, and their children are in danger. So, if you have a child and your with a narc, or you’ve been with a narc, Run, run and hide and protect yourself, protect your child because it’s hard enough for the adult that I watched in Youtube to have had this experience but to me I think its the children that I hear more, more and more stories of how their parents turned them into something for the rest of their lives.

Well, that’s discard, the grand finale. Another idea, if you ever thought of getting back at your narcissist for what they did to you, I know how you can back at them. The best way is for you to be happy, for you to choose not to lower your standards. And no matter what happens and who believes you, and what friends that you lose, because they think your crazy. No matter what legal situations in a divorce, where any other kind or thing may you’ve been involve with a narc. Walk away, that’s your salvation, to be stronger, than they will ever be.

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