Narcissists At Work

narcissists at work

If Narcissists are coming to light in family and relationship arena – have you thought about the fact that they have jobs? The behaviors of a narcissist boss very much follows the same behaviors, the same lack of empathy, the same damage to victims. There are red flags that Human Resource departments need to understand to keep peace in the office. When a narcissist comes to work they use charm to find the next people they can use. They use people that can get them promoted and they use people that can do work for them, the real goal is to see who is strong and who is weak. Using different tactics to attract victims into the web or ‘suck up’ to the ones that will be ‘worker bees’.

The ‘worker bees’ tend to add more and more to their plate until they realize they are being abused. They give 140% at first to impress and win the ‘like’ of the boss, then because of the verbal abuse certain to come this employee strive to please the boss again and get back in his favor. The minute they speak up the narcissist at work turns on that employee. Causing them to be miserable at work and possibly and then using benefits like sick days and disability. You risk losing a good employee because no one believes their story and eventually this employee will move on to another job.


Read my 30 red flags of narcissists at work.

I have a workshop series for HR departments, educating your team helps the bullying at work stop. Helps assist and understand the victims and what is happening to them. Having victims of narcissist abuse in their home life makes them employees in trauma. There are ways you can support an employee in PTSD, I can help. Contact Tracy Malone .

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