National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Have you ever wanted to stand up and say you have been abused?

I NEED YOUR HELP! October is domestic violence awareness month and I just had an idea. I would like to make a video with little clips of people that say things like, I was abused, or emotional abuse is real, narcissistic abuse hurts…

I know I am not supposed to recruit members so please don’t be offended but I know the founder and she says – Together we heal. I have made it a mission to try to teach the world about narcissistic abuse, but our cries are stronger in numbers and if you are interested to let me know and I will explain it. Please don’t offer if you are not in a safe place, narcissists bite and I wouldn’t want this idea to ever risk anyone’s safety.

Thank you for being willing to help me raise awareness of this type of emotional abuse, its fun to create something that hasn’t been done.

Here is the idea, I want people to record themselves on their own phone – holding the phone horizontally with good light and at least quiet sound. (wait till the lawnmower leaves)

Educate Yourself and Learn More Here!

Be real, honest and very short. (under 30 seconds)

A single line about narcissistic abuse, Ideas would be

  • Emotional abuse is real
  • Narcissistic abuse hurts
  • I emotionally abused
  • Fighting for your kids with parental alienation is the hardest thing I have ever done
  • I was smeared
  • I was gaslighted – (maybe give a quick general example)
  • My husband is a narcissist
  • My ex-wife is a narcissist
  • Lies were told about me that just weren’t true
  • I wish the world could know ____ about narcissistic abuse
  • Going no contact with your family is hard, but I am more at peace now
  • It feels like ____ to be emotionally abused
  • I had no boundaries, so I was a good target
  • To recover I had to learn what made me vulnerable
  • ANYTHING that does not get specific to your abuser

These are just examples to give you an idea of what I am looking for:

Once you have recorded this video (you can send a few little ones)

Please email it to me  most phones will allow you to push a button and email it.  If I could get these to me soon then we can start editing and getting it out there.  Email me if you have trouble sending it to me.

When you email it to me please share with me your name and just tell me I have permission to use it in my video for domestic violence awareness month.

Click Here for Additional Support 🙂

Thank you So much
Tracy Malone
Founder of Narcissist Abuse Support

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