Ladies Are You…

Feeling fear of the future…

Feeling angry and depressed

Feeling overwhelmed and unsupported

Feeling alone and helpless

Feel like you will never recover or get the narcissist out of your life or head…

Let's Take Control and Reclaim Your Power

Rebuilding your emotional resilience is essential for healing after enduring abuse from a narcissist. While comprehending the narcissist’s behavior is crucial for recovery, it’s equally vital to recognize the vulnerabilities that made you susceptible to their manipulation. The cornerstone of healing lies in addressing the emotional wounds inflicted by abuse and healing them.

I developed the surTHRIVER Healing Program to serve as your roadmap in acquiring the necessary skills for genuine healing. Tailored for women navigating divorce, feeling stagnant post-divorce, coparenting, experiencing relationship breakups, or grappling with familial narcissism, this program equips you with transformative skills. Through this program, you’ll emerge with enhanced recovery capabilities and the assurance that this will never happen again. Let me be your guide.

Let Me Be Your Guide

Leading Voice for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors.

I’m Tracy A. Malone, an international narcissistic abuse and divorce coach, renowned for advocating for survivors worldwide. As the founder of Narcissist Abuse Support, I lead an online community reaching millions, providing crucial resources, support, and education for those impacted by narcissistic abuse.

I specialize in narcissistic abuse recovery as an international coach and consultant. My transformative teachings on surTHRIVING™ after narcissistic abuse are hailed for their life-saving impact. Additionally, my bestselling book on divorcing narcissists equips you with legal insights to save costs and counter their tactics effectively.

I’ll help you find the strength and emotional resilience to overcome this tough time.

You’ll receive emotional support, tools, and guidance to help you prepare for the challenges and uncertainties of narcissistic abuse.

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    Gratitude Praise

    "Being in therapy for years after my traumatic experience with my narcissistic husband felt like I was stuck in a never-ending whirlwind of emotions. My therapist listened, but I never found any real solutions. Then I joined Tracy's group, and it changed everything. I couldn't believe the healing and 'a-ha' moments that finally set me free. Thank you, Tracy, and all my fellow surTHRIVERS! I'm finally back to being myself again. The narcissist has no power over me anymore! ~ surTHRIVER ~"
    "I was hesitant to join Tracy's group because my struggle wasn't with a narcissistic spouse, but with my own mother and the constant voice in my head from her abuse. After a lifetime of feeling powerless and not knowing how to handle her, I've finally learned to stop letting her actions dictate my emotional responses. She still tries to push my buttons, but it's empowering every time I find the strength and courage to reclaim control of my life. Thank you, Tracy, for your invaluable help. ~ surTHRIVER ~"