10 Things to stop Financial Abuse in Narcissistic Relationships

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Rosemary Lombardy is a financial advisor and portfolio manager with over thirty-five years of experience. Although her professional expertise is in financial matters, her perspective on marital abuse, divorce, and recovery is deeply heartfelt and holistic. She draws on decades of personal experience, as well as the experiences of others who have gone through similar situations, to help inform abused women so that they will become empowered to leave their abusers and begin to heal. Her former background in law, as well as being both a Catholic who has studied the Kabbalah and a Reiki master, has enabled her to provide practical guidance and spiritual techniques that women can use when they most need them. Her intention with Breaking Bonds is to offer a comprehensive plan to foster self-awareness, self-responsibility, empowerment, and critical thinking so that women can break the cycle of abuse in their families and truly heal to transform their lives.

Her website, www.breakingbonds.com, is an information and resources hub for abused women who are contemplating or have already filed for divorce.

1. Once she has filed for divorce, how does the abused woman with assets prepare and protect herself financially during the divorce process? I will discuss:

1. credit card and other debt

2. her rights as far as division of assets and how to protect them

3. how to choose and deal with the attorney

4. why she needs her own financial advisor, budgeting, and a brief mention of alimony, and child support.


2. How does she protect herself financially after the divorce?


3. What tricks and maneuvers should she be on the lookout for from her abuser? How does she protect herself?


4. How does she prepare and strengthen herself mentally and emotionally, as it is extremely likely that her narcissist abuser will ramp up the abuse which has worked so effectively for him in the past?

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