Adult Children of Divorce: 10 Surprising Facts Parents Might Not Know – Karen Covy

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When we go through a divorce with young children we get coached and maybe even have to take classes on how to help our kids through this time. My guest today Karen Covy is a brilliant lawyer that gets this but has looked one step further to look at the effects on the adult children of divorce. With the divorce rate of people over 50 on the rise we often forget the effects on our adult kids.

Here is the link to Karens article that I feel in love with –…

Karen Covy As fate would have it, divorce cases are exactly what kept coming to me. People were in trouble. Their marriages were ending and they wanted to get through their divorce without destroying their lives. But, they didn’t know how. When I did, what I saw shocked me. I saw a divorce system that was expensive, inefficient and counter-productive – a system that hurt, rather than helped, families. As a relative outsider to the system, I could see it didn’t make sense. But, as one person, I wasn’t able to change it.

So, instead, I decided to try to help the divorcing people in the system get smarter. I helped them learn to use the system, rather than let the system use them. I tried to help people get divorced differently. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since.


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