Boulder Shooting and Trauma – I am safe are you struggling with one more trauma?

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Check in from Boulder county. Today just 15 miles from my home there was a second mass shooting in a week. While the world watches another senseless loss, for me this one is worse because I could have been at that King Soopers, I was at one yesterday. I have clients in that plaza, and I have shopped there. Its different. My heart goes out to the victims and all their family and friends. To the police officer that died just doing his job, saving others the world mourns your families loss. In the last year our personal safety has had many challenges from a virus, to the injustice to our brothers and sisters of all race. We feared things we never feared before Not getting toilet paper Not having a job Not having food to eat Not having a place to live Having to stay home has created a stir crazy that is getting old for all of us. We have had trauma If you have a narcissist in your life 2020 was hell They worked from home and abuse became unbearable They lost their job and took it out on you They had a job and took no precautions to protect you or your family when they returned. The family court system put your divorce on a shelf – giving them more time to destroy you legally and financially before you even get temp order getting any court orders have been hell Alimony and child support cut off because they got laid off. The trauma you have it real. Now with two more mass shootings in a week, how can we feel safe. From schools, to churches, to movie theaters and malls, from music concerts and bars. Now grocery stores geez. I wanted to come on late tonight as the emotions were sucking me in and I thought of you and wanted to let you know that if you are dealing with fear and anxiety reach out and get help. One too many emotional roller coasters will keep you buried in fears and that slows down recovery. Take care of yourselves


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