The Cause of Narcissism: My 2 Theories

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How did they get this way? Did their mother drop them on their head when they were babies? Did aliens pull them to the sky and inject them with a slow poison for our society. Are the aliens watching to see if we allow these narcissists to be unpunished? I have two theories on the cause of Narcissism.



Hi, this is Tracy and I would like to talk to you about two theories that I have for why there’s so many narcissists around and how can we didn’t hear of this before. I guess it’s been around and maybe I’m not saying I know how old narcissism is obviously was named after the Greek guy nurses. So that means you know a long time ago but it seems so pervasive if I talked to anybody they are talking about somebody that has the signs of being a narcissist? They might not actually know to look at it as, I have just begun to look for that and what it was but I then talked to people and they say they were married to an artist, they never wanted to sister they’re rather than Mother. It’s to me, I’m in this world and I’m… sucked up by a tornado that is, to me, the detective and making me learn so much every day in between things driving in the car. I am watching and learning and looking at new people and started out with a whole lot of the same people to watch, and I learned so much from them and I’m always down about their videos, so I have moved on to some of the suggested videos that YouTube is coming up with and I’m learning and seeing new people, new people and their expertise, their story, their kindness, their support, their pain. And so I have two theories and I just told a class that I was in a woman’s group for recovering abused… people so I was just talking to them and I thought about… I think there’s two theories, Tigres R that potential lady for the good one or the money on.

Alright, so I’ll do the serious one. Does anyone there who Carlin lies? I think that’s at Nisei. Have it on digital. So I don’t see the cover of the book ever, but she has a wonderful book out there and she’s talking about our beings. Or inside our body is just a container for our soul and until we realize that our soul is the thing that has to be care of the body until we know that our soul is the light inside of us, when we know that she was talking about how our souls just keep recirculating.

None ever guys they just keep coming around and don’t cope me if I said this wrong, but umm, the… so it just keeps playing another life, taking another body, taking on another experience. I think they didn’t learn in the other life and they want to learn now, so they have a meeting with all of the people. Well, I guess they’re other God like things that are listening and they say, “Well I wanna go down and I want to learn compassion. I’m going to be the most compassionate person, ever. And what happens is that person comes down and it’s not the life that they chose, but it’s the lesson that they chose. And she used any Sullivan, which was Helen Keller, umm, a counters the person that guided her, we could probably call her the first coach, she helped her come from a state where she couldn’t talk, communicate, and she was the first one to go in to, you know, get her batters degree when Keller is a great story and Sullivan story is just as good. And she saved her she gave compassion, she learned that. And in that, the mission of attorney is fulfilled, so we all have a mission, a journey, and I think that sometimes that maybe these people that are showing up as Narcissus now are saying at that brown table of… What do you wanna do in your next life? And their grandiose, and they aren’t saying something like compassion, they are saying I want to have the won’t love me and be the most important person in the world, I there. They get what they want to do, they want to make us make themselves something good and something like, “Oh everyone’s gonna think I’m great. Maybe that’s exactly what they said. And when they say that, they come down in another body, the baby is born and the that soul is popped into that baby.

And when that happens, the lessons that they’re going to learn or what it’s like to be that person that the person that ends up with no soul. Because you didn’t want something that was good, you didn’t wanna help others, you wanna help yourself, and it’s like when you get a genie, bottle if we were to have a like a genie, peppermint, and we were Rubin and get the wishes and if you said, “I want a million dollars or Alton in the world or I want to be the richest person those are all self-serving, but if you take the day model and you wish for world peace cures for diseases and things like that, that is a compassionate one.

So I think these noises are coming from a place where their souls asked for something that always for them, and that’s what this is, their journey is to be this person that feeds off others and I can never actually gain it because if they gain self-control, if they gained this confidence in themselves than their mission if if they learn to be selfless instead of selfish. Then their mission is accomplished, and they probably did so on our assist is going to live his entire life and never, never be happy. That’s one theory.

This is the good one.

I just told the group. Alright, so I was born in the 60s, and you know, we used to have a bomb “Chiltern drills at school and we all sort of alien things. There was always the ship was found somewhere it was always the cover of the crazy inquires and things like that, but I don’t see that too much any more. We don’t talk about the aliens coming down. And people in those days, 70s… 80s, they were abducted and brought into space by the aliens, and they always looked very similar shadowy maybe green-blobs right? And when they were there, they had a thing inserted in their butt, right.

How many stores did we hear like that one we were on here? That many more people are not getting abducted by aliens. But here’s my period.

I think the aliens just learned a stealth thing. They are probably still coming down to earth and suck people up, they’re just taking people. Maybe it’s random maybe it’s not, maybe it’s little kids old men, it doesn’t matter, these people are going up and the aliens are still stuck putting something in there but that is sort of writing them like a cancer and it is making them have delusional thoughts of grandeur is it’s their destiny. And I’m blaming it on the Alliance because we never really think about those aliens doing that, but I think if we can invent things that you know all of our technology, we could… the Allens “envelopment invent a stealth ship. Quiet comes down. We never even know about it, and it just sucks of Columbo. Now, it might be a day of or climb or it might be six hours when they think they’re sleeping and they wake up and so on, so but… and they’re a narcissist. It could be disease and all those things that real people say about it. That’s there. My two stories of… so people become a narcissist.


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