Change the story – the story we tell ourselves and to others

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Victims of narcissistic abuse stories are all different and yet so similar. You have endured verbal abuse with lies, gaslighting, underhanded tricks and general confusion of the abuse. You have a terrible story and have good reason to hold onto the full-blown crazy story. I get it, but if you want to heal you need to learn a new skill to control the triggers and protect yourself. Every time you share the crazy drama with someone you risk getting triggered and causing the cycle of abuse to hold you stuck in that place and time. In this workshop, you will learn how to take control and CHANGE the story. To be clear, you are not sweeping your story under the rug, you are not denying what happened, you will learn skills to extract the lesson and shorten the story, so it doesn’t throw you back into the pain cycle.A story has the power to hold us in that story and live in that time as if it was today.

The opportunity to create a new life (new chapter) is not possible because we busy reliving the pain and horror from the wound of abuse. A WOUND STORY ATTRACTS NARCISSISTIC PEOPLEIf you are one of those unlucky survivors that keep repeating the patterns by being in relationships with narcissists you need to understand that your story’ is the magnet that drives them towards you. You aren’t picking them they are picking you and you gave them everything they need to abuse you again!

In this workshop, you will learn.
– the six reasons your story is hurting you
– What secrets your story is revealing
– What are ‘Green Flags’ and why you should never give anyone the ammunition to hurt you
– What vulnerabilities your story shows
– What assets you have that made you a perfect supply and how not to be targeted for those
– How important it is to understand the ‘lesson’ and how to find it
– How do you rewrite the story? with over 50 examples of survivors stories, how can we rewrite ours


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