Coparenting with a narcissist – protecting your children – Dr. Christine Cocchiola and Tracy Malone

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Learn more about Dr. Christine Cocchiola Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola, DSW, LCSW is a Coercive Control Educator, Researcher & Survivor. She is a tenured college professor teaching social work for the last 20 years and has been a social justice advocate since the age of 19, volunteering for a local domestic violence/sexual assault agency. Most importantly, Dr. Cocchiola is a protective parent. Through her own clinical expertise, research, and personal experiences, she understands the impact that coercive control has on children. She coaches victims and survivors as they navigate parenting their harmed children. She has created programming to educate Allies, including protective parents, clinicians, coaches, and court professionals on the experiences of children, victims of the coercive controller. Dr. Cocchiola is a Founding Member of the International Coercive Control Conference and a Board Member of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She has actively supported codifying coercive control, writing numerous policy briefs supporting these efforts.



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