Your Crayon – Rewrite Narcissist Abuse

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Remember that 64 crayon box with a “bonus” sharpener built in? What did you like to color? When did you stop? These days in marketing anyway we tell clients to “tell their story”. Today at a Tedx talk I saw a wonderful poet who told of when he started to write poetry. We as victims have the opportunity and permission to tell ourselves any story, we CAN not however write yesterday because that is gone, but we can rewrite this minute, today, tomorrow. If we keep telling ourselves sad stories we will be sad. If we continue to tell ourselves we are not worthy of love – we will convince ourselves that we aren’t. In this video I talk about how to use a crayon and start the drawing. what does it look like after emotional abuse by a narcissist.



This is crazy and today I learned some things and what I’d like to just record a few videos quick ones to share it with you, some of the notes that I took for my exciting typed something that I clicked with me was your story. We all have one, and we all have a reason that things have happened to us sometimes, about our choice obviously, but being marketing for years, like the thing has been telling your story, you tell your story. But no one ever said You have the crowns, you have the ability to tell yourself a different story as a great poet that spoke today and he told a story of how he was when I was very young, and in elementary school, they were doing some genealogy. sort of find out about your tree and understand your family tested. And he didn’t have any they couldn’t find any, and he went home to his family and yelled it up. He was in fourth grade and he went home and yelled, with them and said, “Why didn’t you tell me? I don’t know about family and what his grandmother said was things like, What kind of ice cuando you like? And I was like, “What does that have to do with me not knowing who I am? Everyone else has family, and they know what they are. She said. What kind of dinosaur would you be if you could be a dinar.

And he picked off a laser after she asked him all these questions that he had no idea what they meant was fourth grade, but because he had no history, he was able to write his own he was able to write what he believed in and what he wanted to say to people. And I think when we’re dealing with a narcissist when we’re dealing with abuse when we’re dealing with painful situations in our life we so often get caught in the story… we get so sick of listening to it gets or telling it because its victim-speak and after a while… no one wants to hear it, and that’s discouraging. All by itself too, right? We just want to be acknowledged, we want someone to give us a cure. But here, look, you re-write the story stop telling yourself the same stories and rewrite it. Take a Cree and write something else. What would you be if you had anything right now? What’s your story? I think about what you do to make yourself happy. When’s the last time that you did? So that makes you happy.

I didn’t realize it that when I got divorced, I stopped doing everything that I’d love to do because I was a victim.

I was somebody that had had things happen to her and stopped making dinners. I stopped having dinner cars, I love, I love to entertain.

And I just stopped, I stopped being a photographer, I used to take pictures all the time I had many of my pictures, published, but I stopped, I stopped the interest, it became a very hard work. “Hollies I was in the survival mode, I worked till one in the morning, five days a week, and every single weekend I still had fun, I still did things, I still talk classes, I still went to things with my friends, but I stopped doing what made me happy. And I think that’s key for us is to understand and write it down. Make You Happy, what you like to do. Do you like to hike.

Get out there and clear head and hike like to write your right, just do it so often forget what we want and our passions are because we get roped into this story, the story of betrayal anger, and hurt, and victim speak it. I’m not saying that we aren’t victims. I’m telling you, to tell yourself a different story because we have the CAS, which I had a roof a crayon to show you right now, I should both that I beat. We have the power and just like that amazing poet today who had no story, no genealogy tree, and his grandmother just said be of the last correct or your favorite ice cream the amount in whatever you wanna be you, right? The story, what happened yesterday is the past. We cannot do anything about that, but in this moment, just like in that moment when I sat there that TEDX talks around it. By here, I told myself I’m okay, I’m okay right now. Why sit here and worry about it, why not just be in the moment and enjoy a magical day?.


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