Dating After Narcissistic Abuse – YouTube Coach shares her lessons from a coffee date 2019

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You may be close to thinking you want to date again, or like me, you could have been working on yourself and just had no interest. Until one day you wake up and consider the idea. I don’t care who you are and what trauma you have had in your life, dating is a HUGE decision. Our vulnerability and our stories will need to be faced in a way that doesn’t make us look crazy.

These fears are usually the fears of everyone not just abuse survivors, so rest your heart, one day you will be ready. But you MUST do the work first, you need to trust yourself before you trust someone else. For me, while I have been divorced for six years, I then dated the king narcissist so I actually haven’t had a first date in about 5 years. That is scary. Add in the factor that my entire life is an open YouTube book so I tried to control the date. (people pleasing, codependents like to control things) I thought I was in control, but I wasn’t prepared. I had prepared for one case scenario, not the one that was happening. I story barfed and blew it but I learned so many lessons and today I share them with you. I am human and so are you, we are here to learn lessons. This is not a fail because I learned to protect myself and be prepared with the fact that my life is an open book.


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