Empower your kids when they go off to visit the narcissist parent – with Christine Hammond

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So many people deal with this same dilemma of sending the kids off to Mommy or Daddy narc house. Fears that the children will be abused, controled and influenced by the narcissistic parent cloud the non-narc parents mind. You have no doubt heard the stories and seen it first hand the manipulation and power of a narcissistic parent that longs to control you through the kids. To me this is one of the hardest journeys of all of us survivors because many of us are able to walk away after the divorce or walk away from our families by going no-contact. When you have a child with an abuser your fears automatically go out the door with them everytime they leave. How can you pritect them? How can you empower them? and how can you teach the child to stand up for themselves? Today I am blessed to have been able to interview Christine Hammond a therapist, author, podcaster and expert on personality disorders on just these questions. Please visit her website read her blog and educate yourself with her amazing knowledge – http://growwithchristine.com/

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