Epic Divorce Narcissist Series Intro

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For years everyone I met that had heard of the epic divorce I had told me to write a book because it was so bad that the judge called it one of the most tortured case that come across the bench in our town. I never could see what happened not from the outside, I did not know about Narcissists until a few months ago and now I see, now I see why anyone could care. I had the grand finale epic divorce. I learned a lot from my $100,000 divorce as I was beaten, and tested and pushed, accused, lied to, lied about, this narc and his Adams family crazies wanted to bury me alive when I did nothing but wait on him for ten years.

So I have a perspective of what both sides did, the tricks they pulled on me and the things we had to do to protect ourselves.


This is Tracy and I finally figured it out for years, everyone I met and had heard about my epic divorce told me that I should be writing above. They told me that because it was so bad that the judge actually called it one of the most torture cases that he has come across at the bench in our town. I couldn’t see what had happened from the outside, because I didn’t know about nurses until just a few months ago and now I see why anyone would care. I kept saying, “Why would anyone wanna read a book about my divorce, ’cause it was so crazy, but I didn’t know. And how I know my grand finale Eric divorce, I learned a lot and it cost me a 100 000 or I was beaten it, I was tested was pushed, I used, I was lied to, I was stolen from… I was light about this, narcissist and his Adam’s family, you know, crazy wanted to bearing melanin. I did nothing, I did nothing. So he was the one who wanted a divorce, he was the one that had to land and never ever spoke to me about it every venom that he was unhappy that’s just weird and that’s very… or that’s when they drop you like a hot potato and you don’t know what happened.

I have perspective of watching, the most amazing law lawyers battle against… like the worst sharks that you could possibly Abadi. And so, they had sharks in two different states, they had stars on the East and here in Colorado. So I knew what I was advised to do and I know how to protect myself and I also saw what real money could buy. They could hire people to lie fight and to play victim to some gold digger.

When they knew that I was the responsible one, and I never wanted… or like taking, anything from them.

I want to share with you that picnics in it a worse with the advice that I always give them. And it was a release large. We never expected this but I have to, to share and the series that I’ve decided I’m working it up into eight parts because… and I started to look at the things that I wanted to talk about, which would be attitude to the war is a great idea, I have a great tip. It was a very, very cool thing that I was taught subscribed to my channel, and watch the Series unfold. The next one we’ll be talking about the first things you have to do when you decide or find out that you’re having a abortion, a narcissist, I mean like right this freaking second. You’re gonna wanna do these things. That’s the next one. I’m gonna upload the right after this. I made it a few hours ago. So here you go. Welcome to my divorce. The Epic narcissists.


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