Everything You need to know to make a decision to divorce – Kate Anthony

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Thank you Kate for a great interview! To learn more about Kate visit her website https://kateanthony.com To buy her book The D Word visit Amazon – https://amzn.to/4aBCKAQ Should I stay married for my kids? Does this count as abuse? Why am I so unhappy? What does a healthy relationship even look like? When you’re ready for honest answers to these and other questions, The D Word shows you how to dig deep and find them—and then move forward into a better, brighter future. A template for confident decision-making and lasting growth and change—whether readers choose to stay in a marriage or leave it. “For those who feel powerless and lost in broken marriages, Anthony shines a light.” —Publishers Weekly From the host of the critically acclaimed The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast comes a book that provides the clarity, peace, and answers women need to make empowered decisions about their marriages, break unhealthy patterns, and build the life they truly want. Every year, close to a million women struggle to decide whether to divorce their partners. Some are in relationships they know to be unsalvageable, yet they’re terrified that divorce will hurt their kids. Others feel guilt-ridden and confused over their unhappiness with a spouse who seems, to the outside world at least, to be perfectly fine. And then there are those in between, restless and aware of problems that may or may not be fixable, with no idea how to tell the difference. The D Word is the definitive yet accessible guide for everyone who wants to take control of their lives, either by ending or repairing their marriage. Written in Kate Anthony’s signature straight-talking, empowering style, The D Word is more than a practical handbook for those considering divorce. It also reveals how cultural and societal influences negatively affect our relationships and expectations, stacking the odds against women.

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