Expert Tips You Need To Know When Divorcing a Narcissist – Jason Levoy

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Expert Tips You Need To Know When Divorcing a Narcissist . Jason Levoy a divorce coach shares his secrets to help you get prepared fro that high conflict divorce with a narcissist. Keep yourself safe – get help. Visit Jason on his website and read the great articles on divorcing a narcissist. here a a few of my favorite articles from Jason’s website. 5 Ways To Have An Amicable Divorce… How To Act In Court So You Don’t Piss Off Your Divorce Judge… except –… Getting divorced is different than other areas of the law. For example, in most civil trials, you get to choose whether you want your case decided by a jury. Not so in the family section of the courthouse. Instead of your case being judged by a panel of your “peers,” when you get divorced you get to have it heard and decided by one judge. Not members of the community who may sympathize or relate to your situation, not a panel of judges… it’s just one judge. It is this judge who not only presides and decides the trial, but he/she will be the judge for every hearing, motion and conference leading up to the trial. To put it in other words, your divorce judge will get to know you and your spouse from the moment the Complaint for Divorce is filed with the court until the trial, if there is one. Typically, your divorce judge will get a first impression of the parties and the case a case management conference, which is where the parties get to bring up any special circumstances that they want the court to be aware of. The court sets a discovery schedule for the parties to follow and another date to return for another conference. If it is a contentious divorce, then it’s very possible that you or your spouse will file a motion with the court prior the first conference. If this is the case, then the motion papers and hearing will be the first time the judge gets to see and hear you or your attorney and “judge” you.

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