Fathers that could not have a Happy Father’s Day – alienating dads, and children of abusive dads

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This impromptu video a day after Father’s Day is an apology to a viewer that watched a video I made two years ago that From where I sat then I was angry at my ex husband, angry at my child’s dad, yet hoping 3x’s children were far away from his abuse. This was where I was then, and today I have been pealing back so many layers of my childhood that I would like to share with you. And reflect on the pain some of our viewers are feeling today. To those parents that may think I am saying your child deserves to be with both parents so they don’t feel abandoned and that overrides them being with an abuser, I didn’t mean they should be somewhere unsafe. If they are unsafe with their other parent do everything you can to protect them. But if they are court ordered to go, teach your children boundaries, teach them what a healthy relationship looks like and what real communication looks like so that they can see the other parents true ugly self and then they make their own choices. In the making of this in this video it occurred to me how deeply I have been effected by the separation of parents and children at the hands of our border patrol. It sickens me to think I want to move, this isn’t what America stands for. These children ? will suffer with ptsd and trust issues for the rest of their lives. Being told you are getting a bath and then never seeing your parents again makes them feel abandoned.


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