Fear Be Gone – Fear of A Narcisist

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We are always healing, we are always learning. But we All have triggers that bring back fear, sadness and memories. Today unexpectedly fear came over me and started to do that tight chest thing. I used my new found skills to accept the fear, see where it was in my body and refocus on where I was, so fear could not ruin a special day. I tell you about my new skills that helped, I hope you can use these skills when fear, anger, hurt comes over you.



There, this is Tracy today. I’d like to talk to you about something that happened. I was lucky enough to go to my first Tedx talk here in Colorado, and this speakers were incredible and so inspirational to watch them. I had, of course, no idea what they were gonna talk about, but in each little section I found something that helped me, helped me in my journey and something that happened while I was there. I was with my son and we were high up in the balcony of a beautiful opera house in Denver, and as I sat there, the very beginning, it hadn’t occurred to me until I was sitting there and they started to dim the lights and I got really fearful inside with, I don’t know, thousands of people there, maybe I suddenly worried what if the X was in the building, what would I do? I didn’t want to see him and I could feel inside my chest I could feel myself king up, I could feel the fear creeping over me. And when we had our next break I talked to my son, he has adult and he does know what’s going on and, and I told him to be on the look out because I didn’t want to be surprised, I didn’t wanna just walk into him, and I don’t think I’ve really experienced that fear until I was there. And as the first speaker, spoke, I sat there and I analyze my body, I did a body scan and… and I have learned these new tricks, and the trick is to understand where in your body you feel this. And I sat there and I felt it, and I could feel it in my abdomen, I could feel it right where my heart shocker was and it was tight and it was choking me, never had that feeling where you just like… you just frozen with gear. And after I acknowledged where it was after I understood where it was coming from, I did what I’ve been taught, lately, which was to take a few deep breaths.

And as I took those breaths, I accepted that fear was in my heart at that moment and fear was there to protect me. It is a primal instinct to be afraid of something. And it’s how we process it. That separates us from the person that we used to be to this new art expert person. I’m not even a T, I’m seeing a war. Let’s just say that all of these things that I’ve learned have made me more aware of myself.

And so as I sat there and I processed it and I thought about it I acknowledged Yes.

Thank you fear for coming, thank you for protecting me and making me think of something that perhaps I wouldn’t have. No, I was prepared now. I had my son with a second set of eyes to make sure that he saw him. We walked the other way, and as I released that, and I accepted that I felt the fear slip away and just melt and it was a very good feeling and then I became present when I was able to enjoy some of the best speakers that I’ve heard, and for ever. So I encourage you that when that fear comes, up when the pain comes up when the loneliness comes to just accept I think your body think your inner being, for having that awareness.

Ecole that your lonely acknowledge that you’re scared and an acknowledge that you’re confused, it’s a good thing we don’t wanna stop it down, we want to acknowledge it in that in a couple of deep breaths and grounding myself I was set free and able to become present. It’s a good technique now. A lot of people I’ve been paid to teach me these things. So if they can help you just once try it… do the breast thing, try to accept whatever the feeling is it’s only gonna make you stronger to accept it.

I tell it, “Okay thanks bye. And it will work.


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