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Once your relationship with a narcissist comes to a bitter end (they all do) they are very much like the wicked witch of the west deploying these flying monkeys. Picture a puppeteer pulling strings to smear you, lie about you and control you just one last time. They will use your peeps, your friends, your family and get them to do the work for them. This tactic is called flying monkeys. These people that get recruited to further damage you and your reputation have also been tricked by the narcissist to do their bidding.
Be careful and look at friends and family with a different lens because they will only add insult to injury.



And here, this is Tracy and I’m going to make a quick video. I’ve got to get out to a meeting. And so I just thought about making a video really quickly. In flying monkeys what are flying monkeys it, it’s kind of a strange expression, but I believe that the term was coined from the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. Who did the witches work? And so, a fine monkey in the narcissist world is a person that the narcissist is going to get on their side, they’re going to tell them smear campaign things about you, so is… and then they’re going to use these flying monkeys to pass that word past that lie on and build this whole big world that makes you a lot more insecure because now the people that you trusted, maybe they’re your family, maybe they your friends, people that you trusted, are now believing the Narcissus story. And the key to this is very often the Ark when he’s using the flying monkeys will actually put a piece of truth in it. Something that the… let’s say your sister or your friend would know about you and use it against you and that makes it so much more believable.

So I had a friend that told me I tell good stories, probably heard this in one of my other videos and when I tell good stories, then the narcissist was able to use that one little fact pretend that his story in his life were real and that I was gonna tell a story about it. So flying monkeys can be anywhere, and you have to protect yourself because they can run you twice as fast as the narcissist did because the nurses… this was probably just one. When you get into playing Lois you don’t know where they are, you don’t know who to trust. So be really careful when you approach friends who suddenly have a different opinion about you and put yourself on card. They’re not going to be the same, you will see a difference if they start to believe things if they’ve talked or had contact with our AR and our own Grey Rock. There’s a good question why are your friends or your family continue your relationship with someone who is just on this horrific stuff to you? It’s really important.

One of the games that my mother played as a narcissist, mother was we were not thought of as three sisters, my mother really separated us all, so that we didn’t formal in Alliance we couldn’t be strong if we were separated if we were individuals. And she, juggled her love for all of us she could never love more than one of us at a time and she would use the other one against us. My little sister, I think she’s a art she would tell my mother that I was keeping her from talking to my son and my mother would get so upset with me because my sister had pictures of my son all over her refrigerator most of her life, and my mother would say, “How can you keep her from him? That’s just me, him you must let her talk to him at any thing is, she never called she never called she never reached out, and when she did, if he was 13 years old, and he didn’t answer an email. 13-year-olds don’t answer emails. Um, he’s quiet and he say, and that’s just a fact. So, reach out. And I had no problem with her talking to him, but she used that Flying Monkey to tell my mother and and get my mother against me, because now I’m being a bad person keeping my son away from my sister. And it simply wasn’t true there was no truth to that at all, and yet my mother believed it and my mother thought that I was being a bad person because I wasn’t letting her see it.

That’s just a brief example. Flying on his can do so much more to us. This is just a time, little story and I’ve got to get to my meeting, but I wanted to make this because flying monkeys are something that we have to be careful of and unfortunately, they do not have big wings, like they do in the Wizard of Oz and we won’t know what they look like. But look at your friend’s face, is, see if you can see if they say something to you, if they just give you an insight, then cut yourself off. Just cut that umbilical court for now at least for now, until you can protect yourself until you understand the truth of what just happened and what you’re in store for you do not need these people here, and if you find that they’re a Flying Monkey, if you find out there talking to your dark anything you say they will probably go back to the OR with… so be really careful.

It’s kind of a sad thing that we as victims have to know, like watch who comes in and out of our life and how they have power over us, but we only have the power, if we give it to them. So flying monkeys are everywhere, and they’re very dangerous they are doing the work of the devil. Mark, think of it like that. The devil has all these little things out there all these little beans that do his work, and that’s what an arc does. He Colson recruits them probably from the first day that they met them if they’ve met your friends at a party and they were joking around with them when you weren’t around and they saw, “Oh yeah.

He told great stories. But they’ll say, “Okay I can use that against her later. So they’re already scouting out your friends, they’re already ready to kill and do things to you, your job is to protect yourself and stay away from flying monkeys who might be interacting with your dark. They’re not your friends. If a nurse is tries to recruit a friend and tell them lies about you, this is your test your test is if the friend comes to you and says, “Listen your X just told me this.

That’s a true friend, that’s a friend that’s gonna say, Watch out, if they’re not doing that they’ve been recruited. Another thing to remember is, they’ve been recruited and they’ve been lied to and they’ve been abused by the narcissist as well as you have it you have been… so in the end there may be salvation for your friendship, or to go back to your family and you can’t judge them as harshly as we should. I mean sure we should definitely judge them but there may be a place for forgiveness in your heart to know that they were tricked as well.

So if we can be tried, they could be tricked and it’s just a packed so that’s all I got.


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