Future Faking relationships is the promise of hope – the big lie

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Did your narcissist make promises about your future that never came true? Promises that aligned exactly with what you were looking for, these seemed like empty promises, but it could be future faking. My name is Tracy Malone and today we are going to explore what is future faking, why narcissists deploy this tactic and how it keeps the victim hooked, how it hurts your future and what to do. When people asked you why you stayed, of course there are many reasons, but future faking could be one of them. Future faking is manipulation based on a grandiose elaborate lie. Future faking steals time and steals your future causing regrets later when promises don’t get delivered. This leaves the victim devastated over the loss of time and potentially this disappointment and that shock can actually cause PTSD. The narcissist mirrors your dreams, sells you a fake future and repeats the promise so often that we believe it. WHAT IS FUTURE FAKING Examples of future faking – did any of these happen to you? I fell for it hook, line and sinker, repeatedly.

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