Happy Fathers Day Dear Narcissists

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I am sorry for the children with narcissist dads. I am sorry they will never have a father that can love them. They will have to learn on their own that they are great. Their father will never be able to share the spot light.



Hi there, I just realized that it’s Father’s Day, and then I thought that I would say something about Children with narcissistic father children that don’t have a real father don’t have someone that loves them, and teaches them to love themselves. Some of that gives them a sense of security that will make them a whole person when they’re older.

I’m sorry for all the fathers that didn’t know how to love their child that they used them as pan.

I’m sorry that you lost that time with your child. Your child is probably gonna be really fine. They’ll never gonna know what a jerk you were… because their mother probably didn’t tell them. You see, we do the right thing, we don’t use this child from his police. And I’m sorry, if all those children with these nurses his father.


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