How can meditation calm you during trauma? – Claire O’leary

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Open Your Heart Guided Meditation was created to open your heart to a deeper self love. https://fromwoundstowisdom.claireolea… Link to purchase CD: Still Waters Run Deep was created to feed the soul and to help you reach your highest potential.… Claire O’Leary’s calling is to Bring Incest to Light. She is creating a traveling exhibit with other survivors depicting their healing journey through expressive arts in order to empower the voice of incest survivors and educate America on the pervasiveness of incest. Speaker, Survivors Healing Catalyst and Reiki Master, Claire supports individuals and groups through mentoring and workshops. Founder of Clear Heart Healing Arts and From Wounds to Wisdom, Claire O’Leary provides a safe haven for women incest survivors to empower their voice. She supports them to release anger, resentment and negative self-talk that comes from old wounds. As an incest survivor, and after many years of silence herself, Claire understands the devastating effects of silence. It is why she is so passionate about helping others to find their voice. She guides women in regaining the self-confidence and inner power they need in order to express themselves more clearly and easily (to reclaim their voice), without shame or blame. And without holding on to anger. She speaks at various local and national events about “Bringing Incest to Light” and “Moving from Wounds to Wisdom“. You can contact Claire directly at


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