Your Intuition, Something is not Right: Red Flag

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Red flag of a narcissist | when your intuition is telling you things don’t add up, that doesn’t make sense, pieces of the puzzle are not fitting together, his story does not make sense it is a red flag. We must learn to listen to our intuition instead of their lies. Remember actions speak louder than words.

Something is not Right when you are dealing with a narcissist be it a husband or wife, mother, father, sister, brother or even your own child. Very often there are things that don’t quite add up, don’t make sense, and in your gut you just have questions. What this means is your are smarter then the narcissist and you are seeing patterns. If you ask them about it they will LIE so keep track and write them down, because the pieces of the puzzle will fall together and you will get help and get out and hopefully be safe and never get tricked by that narc or any other narcissist.



This is Tracy, and I am here to do a little talk about narcissists and it’s a red flag. But for me, it’s kind of a broad red-flag because I wanna talk about what it means to do. You have a thing that doesn’t feel right, I think that is just something that’s off that doesn’t make sense. A gut feeling. And then there’s the ever, the sinking “althing viewing is when you get this patio stumbling it just like it’s sinking. There is some higher power that’s like probably knocking you on the head and you contend to write these things off as something I bet perhaps. So our body and our energy and our being is trying to tell us there’s something wrong and not a doctor. I am not a nurse, I am a victim of narcissistic abuse two times in a row and I am trying to help myself as I learned all this. I’m trying to document it, and I’m making these short little movies at night when I finally wind down to just say, “Hey this is what I learned today, and really dig into it and try to understand it to help myself and I’m hoping that in my stories that perhaps someone else can find something that’s their story, something that brings them closer to finding an answer as if you’re on this channel, if you’re on looking at a narcissist, video right now, you probably are wondering, if someone that you have in your life male or female, mother or father boyfriend, girlfriend, or child. The nurses.

I’m gonna talk about the two nurses that I had relationships with. We called the T-X, and threat and had seen his Mom and Dad in 00 years.

What does that tell you? Never see your parents or talked to them in twenty years. In fact, both your children had never met their grandparents.

That’s where their parents and other people don’t talk to them. There’s a reason and a lot of times or so tend to blame the other person, their sibling their brother, their father, their uncle, or cousin because they are crazy, and that’s a story you hear. And so, that’s the story you start to believe. But that is a piece of the puzzle. This is from A to X. his father hated his family. But he used them anyway.

I am one that if you don’t like them, don’t try to get stuff out of them that’s just not right. There’s something on… had a gut feeling about it. I had a hunch this wasn’t right, and normal and I just think that I should have thought of that more of a red flag then that they were the victims of something that there was… people did that made them so sad and now they weren’t gonna talk to them. If it happens too much if there’s more than just a few of these people in their life, you really need to look at it in a much bigger picture. You need to figure out exactly what’s going on here.

I was taking three X out to dinner and it was a nice dinner, and he started to attack me at dinner and we make fun of me because I didn’t have a number. And the number he was referring to was a number that you retired with his number I think was like 12, million, something like that, and it’s gonna have it, this is how I was gonna get it.

And go.

“How could you not have a plan? And I was young, me and just sort of getting angry and I’m like, I’ve been divorced for two years, I lost everything I’m rebuilding, that’s what I can do. I can’t say, “Here I worry about a number if I don’t get there, I’m getting there when I get there, I’d like to plan it.

That’s not what’s happening. So he just yelled at me until I cried at that dinner table and then of course once you realized that he hurt me and he did something wrong, and he pushed too hard, and he was really, you know, just writing this and it was, it was a red flag. Something’s not right, but the wider part is he… are you sitting there and he’s gonna be having a 12 million… 00 million now bank for when he’s retiring and I’m buying him dinner about that, how about the fact that I’d have to borrow money for me all the time and I’d help him where unless he saved all his money and he’s putting into this a million, a million a dinner was a preview into the MAs coming off the sweet, kind loving person was taken over by this demonic self-races. He’s better than any one else, he’s got the plan, he knows how to do it. I put him in a higher “superiore than I was in, and yet I was paying him dinner and I didn’t think about that until recently, it bothered me and I didn’t like that he did this, it was a bad night, I didn’t see it as a flag of his types of behavior, I saw it began and many other times he buys crazy gifts and there’s no sign of where the money came from.

That’s just… again, we’re not even talking about the same person, here, but for someone, the story, it just doesn’t make sense that when you’re married, to somebody and you do the books and you know, the money and you know exactly what’s going into that account, and then something extravagant, comes, you’re told to just not worry… worry about that. I like doing the bills. I don’t know where you got 10000 for that or there were excuses. And that’s what they do. It’s so smooth that you don’t even know it. You just get that flag you have to remember, these are just little to fix this in in your head or not like a knife or even a magic marker, skin out. They are, like all things, they just go. Oh, and the nurse is so quickly turns it into something else, they try it into something that… Oh, that’s not what they meant or they’re defending themselves, they’re trying to make it that you’re crazy for questioning when they just gave you a nice gift. They crave power, they crave control huge egos, status-oriented. I can’t even tell you to X. the ex-husband, he were so status-oriented, that He was one or two in every line, every iPad, iPhone, that was coming out, it didn’t matter where we were. He’d be in line the night before him in ISTAT had to have it. status symbol. I’m walking around the office and on the first one, were… then I get it now, watch, I’ve got this. It was very status granted and he thrived on that on people with him. And let me see that, let me… you had an even feel good because he was the cool one.

I think what happened where she was never the co-he never had friends, he was never the cool one in school, and so the only way he could end up being the co-on was to be the cool technology guy and be status-oriented. Because in being that, then you get the accolades and the things that this narcissistic… they want people to think they’re cool, they want them to think they’re beautiful, they want all of this power to be fed to them. And the only way that someone sitting cubicles down from you is going to really give you that a boy thing is if it’s technology Pelly in the IT company, they’re going to want to show themselves that they’re cold, they’re better, they’re smarter somehow they’ve saved their money and bought all this stuff every week. It’s always something newer technology, newer technology.

Or poor financial management is another thing when a narcissist believes in these grand dreams and these visions that don’t make sense, they have a plan. Maybe… maybe it’s a spreadsheet that got a plan. We’re just not doing anything to do that than to get out of the debt that they have, or go on but in regard to that they usually have poor financial management. My two X is Ben. Didn’t know how to write a check. You can write his first Lemon check. I didn’t had to run out of Paris. He didn’t know how to do taxes, and he thrived on having other people to it, so that just was one less thing because that was really beneath them side tickets to a share Crow cancer he had for tickets, but at the last minute, they weren’t going to become… so that’s when I got invited, so I get invited to a sharecropper but he’s running around and working all day, and he has these two other digits, so he puts me on task to find somebody to go with like four hours notice. And the tickets were like 200 or… so, find two people with 200 and have them there in four hours and I’ll meet them at the door with the other tickets and it’ll be great. So I did, I found my friends to go with us, in fact, because he was coming from his office, and I was coming from or to… and I went with these new friends and then I was gonna go back home with him.

So we get there and my friends and I are there probably 45 minutes before he is. We get our place on the lawn, we have our blankets, and in our food. I had made home page, make and it was lovely. Kennet started to rain.

He arrived right before the torrential weather had brought blankets and chairs and so we covered ourselves in blankets in the pouring rain, and we just looked through like this.

To one blanket around each of the two couples to sitting there watching this show and it was really fun. My friends were like talking with me, because we’ve all been hunt huddled under, these blankets, so everyone standing up and talking to my friends, and when we got home, was of it we were sent under the blanket looking at the show ‘dance and singing, and I had a great time but when we were… he was really angry that I spent so much time with my friends, that it wasn’t enough with him. Alright, so you make me invite my friends, you ask me to paint make me… you have to find these people who are now duty-bound to sit right next to us on our area ’cause that’s where we had to sit. And then you want me to ignore them? I’m very confused by that because they… we spoke doing the blanket off times which is maybe 15 minutes during the whole concert, and then we both went separate ways running through the thunder and Latin but for him to get pissed that I wasn’t spending enough time with him, I couldn’t have been under the blanket. Any of the way, and I was there and I made much then I brought blankets and that was the only cover that we had, and yet somehow I didn’t give him enough attention.

That’s a right flank. I gave them.

So like a tech was… like I was happy. Take a second to talk about social media.

Social media is the best place to really understand somebody. How did they act when they started talking with you on Facebook here? They like everything that you had that they comment and all of those things. Because if you watch that pattern and it’s like that for everybody, fine. So you watch that pattern and all of a sudden, there’s some stream girl that he’s never even met and he’s doing the same pattern to her, he’s moving on to the next narcissist victim. And tonight, we’ve talked about feeling something isn’t right, getting a red flag gut feeling, a sinking feeling something’s just off into within sense hunch I said, thinking timing right, or how it… a warning, this is important. Watch for them, okay, I will learn to put my eyes on this site at the camera more. I know that I always look at that side.


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