Is Fear Overwhelming You Right Now Strategies To Calm Your Fears

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Fear is a powerful emotion that is our bodies way of protecting us. The bad part is that Fear is a liar. It brings in stories of thigs that have happened in the past, triggering all of our old wounds and fears until we lose control of them. I was away for two weeks as this pandemic began, I lived in a fearless bubble on an island. Then this week I began my journey home and I could feel the fear settling into my body. Was it mine or did that empath energy thing hit me? Empaths feel other people energy – I feel what they are feeling. I realized that I could feel and take on the fears of every person on those planes. I caught a cold (I am hoping its only) on the plane and had extreme shortness of breath when I returned, the fear inside me grew. I realized that it was just a cold and I thought about my return to high altitude and realized that was probably my breathing issues. Since convincing myself not to go to the dark side of fear – my cold is healing, and my breathing is fine. FEAR drove that car, but I know I have the power to stop fear. We get emotionally elevated with these pandemic fears.


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